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A Successful Demo Day With Web3Port

A Successful Demo Day With Web3Port
NEW CITY, N.Y. - October 21, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

Web3Port's first Demo Day on Oct. 19 was closed successfully in collaboration with Web3Port's co-hosts including Kucoin Ventures, Hashkey Capital, SNZ Holding, Spark Digital Capital, ByteTrade- Sig Crypto Lab, Cabin VC, AC Capital, and Geekcartel.

Web3Port's Demo Day series aims to connect Web3 startups with top Web3 VCs to help the early-stage projects gain access to feedback and resources to grow.

Seven projects from three major tracks presented their idea and product roadmap to an audience of over 100 VCs. The audience followed up with thought-provoking questions. Web3Port anticipates further collaboration between the projects and audience in the near future.

In the October edition, Web3Port anticipates further collaboration but were proud to present projects covering three major tracks:



Volare provides a DeFi option protocol for European options, option combos and exotic options. It also allows investors to invest in standard or customized option strategies portfolios, and provides clients tools for hedging, speculation and yield enhancement based on its infrastructure.


Chainge is a non-custodial cross-chain wallet and aims to become the entrance of web 3.0. In Chainge APP, when a user does a swap, it utilizes liquidity from 28 supported chains, including EVM and non-EVM chains to provide users the best price.


Loda Cicero will pool liquidity on chain & then lend to uncorrelated markets, namely scaled alternative loan books (off-chain).


Candy Shop

Candy Shop is a cross-chain marketplace solution that allows developers and projects to launch fully featured NFT storefronts with auctions and other sought-after utility-based features within minutes.


The NFTPlay project provides physical picture frame & wearable hardware-software integration solutions and retail products. They are committed to improving the efficiency and effect of NFT-Show and Play, and enriching the utility of NFT. The first picture frame product has been launched on the market and has been adopted by the Token2049 event Singapore, Azuki Shanghai Party and other influential events.

GameFi & Metaverse:


ATP.Club is a sports metaverse that provides an open platform to play, cooperate, compete, and create together. On mobile devices, users can use their body to control their avatar to compete in the boxing arena, co-dance online with friends, or hang out in live-stream virtual spaces. Creators can make their fitness courses into NFT and build interesting content in various formats.


Orbofi is the world's first Social Metaverse crossed with social tokens and a general-purpose virtual universe, where individuals, communities, brands, DAOs, and game developers can create their own virtual worlds and their own social tokens. Socialize-and-earn, in the Metaverse.

Later Web3Port will connect VCs and the projects they are interested in, to move forward with communication and potential partnership/investment.

If you missed Web3Port's live event, you can access the recording here: Web3Port Demo Day Replay 

Complete list of participating VCs: Crypto.com Capital / Sequoia / Hashkey Capital / Kucoin Ventures / Spark Digital Capital / Fenbushi Capital / Redline DAO / Geekcartel / AC Capital / Mirana Ventures / OKX Ventures / ByteTrade- Sig Crypto Lab / Mint Ventures / SNZ Holding / AZ Digital Asset Group / Youbi Capital / NGC / Huobi Incubator / Lighthouse Capital / FBG / Wintermute / Chain Capital / Cabin VC / DcentraLab / MetaStone.Group / MH Ventures / Magnus Capital / Polka Bridge Ventures / 7 O'Clock Capital / Bing Ventures / AvatarDAO / AZDAG / EVG / Waterdrip Capital / Cobo Ventures / 7upDao / Stratified finance / Cypher Capital / DAO Kondr VC / M-Ventures / DT Capital / Dealean Capital / Big Brain Holdings / Kava Network / Lakeside capital / BitValue Capital / Fundamental Labs / Next capital / IOBC / Moonrock Capital / Bitrise Capital / Longhash / LOL Capital / Basics Capital / Glock Ventures / ZONFF / Magnus / Tomahawk / Digitata, etc.

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