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Alien Worlds Partners with Celebrated Sci-Fi Author to Launch Groundbreaking AI-Driven, Community-Governed Sci-Fi Franchise USA – English India – English APAC – English

Alien Worlds Partners with Celebrated Sci-Fi Author to Launch Groundbreaking AI-Driven, Community-Governed Sci-Fi Franchise

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Addressing the new frontier in metaverse design through decentralized AI governance.

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ZUG, Switzerland, Nov. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Dacoco, the driving force behind Alien Worlds, the #1 played metaverse on DappRadar, announces at Web Summit in Lisbon a collaboration with revered Science Fiction author Kevin J. Anderson (Star Wars, Dune, Saga of the Seven Suns). Together, they introduce AI-Driven Tokenized Story-Telling, also known as the “Large Lore Model,” a pioneering concept that merges the power of AI with the vibrant creativity of the global community, all governed through decentralized on-chain mechanisms. With over 9 billion plays in Alien Worlds, this feature will be the largest AI system governed by DAOs at scale.

This revolutionary storytelling approach is designed to augment and scale the new and rich lore created by the co-author of the Dune Prequel series through community contributions worldwide. Through advanced AI tools, the decentralized community can leverage this strong lore foundation to build collaborative Alien Worlds games, media, and more.

Saro McKenna, co-founder of Alien Worlds, remarks, “Given the recent Hollywood writers’ strike, we’re navigating a crucial juncture when it comes to AI and media. We aim to safeguard the integrity of creators while unlocking the vast potential AI offers. By governing our AI models transparently via on-chain communities, we’re uniquely positioned to govern this intersection of technology and storytelling.”

She adds, “With Kevin J. Anderson’s masterful storytelling as our foundation, the community has a dual opportunity – they can appreciate and integrate the literary contributions of giants like Anderson, who wrote fan favorites like Star Wars: Young Jedi Knights, and simultaneously harness the formidable power of AI, along with the imaginative contributions of participants across the globe.”

Within the vast expanse of Alien Worlds, six planetary DAOs vie for Trilium tokens. Trilium will play a pivotal role in governance decisions and the management of AI-assisted content for an ever growing metaverse enjoyed by countless participants .

Though AI offers unmatched efficiency, its integration also raises concerns about potential misuse. Dacoco’s use of blockchain technology will explore how communities can address these challenges, facilitating proper authenticity, transparency, and attribution of training data. In this way, Alien Worlds is launching the world’s largest decentralized AI management system. 

Kevin Rose, Chief Marketing Officer of Dacoco, added, “The next great franchise will be built by a community, not a corporation. When launched, our AI-driven ‘Large Lore Model’ will only be trained on community-approved lore, whether in games, art, video, or other media. Dacoco’s battle-tested DAO technology will serve as the foundation to support the community as it embarks on this journey. Over time, we will see a community entirely responsible for maintaining the canon of the Alien Worlds metaverse.”

This initiative is the first step in evaluating the need for decentralized governance systems to oversee AI systems, an important topic of debate as AI becomes more integrated into people’s everyday lives. Dacoco’s goal is to ensure AI systems remain accountable, auditable, and true to their intended purpose.

“In today’s interconnected world, storytelling has the power to unite global communities. AI tools can act as the essential bridge that ensures we are weaving a consistent and cohesive universe without requiring direct collaboration between every member of that community. As we meld the time-honored craft of storytelling with the innovative capabilities of AI, we’re not just telling stories; we’re creating universes.” – Kevin J. Anderson

Kevin J. Anderson, a luminary in the science-fiction domain with over 24 million books in print, boasts iconic works, including the expanded Dune series, Saga of Seven Suns, and adaptations for franchises like Star Wars and The X-Files.

Saro McKenna added, “Harking back to the open letter to pause AI development signed by Elon Musk and others, regulation, oversight, and transparency, were all strong themes that need to be addressed for AI to be developed responsibility. Dacoco believes that decentralized governance can play a role here, however, the efforts to mitigate the risks posed by AI through decentralization reveal that the touch points between the two are imperfect, leaving much room for government or collective regulation.

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About Alien Worlds:

Alien Worlds is a pioneering metaverse ecosystem, ranking as one of the world’s premier blockchain games. Players delve into a universe of unique digital assets (NFTs), embark on interstellar missions, partake in planetary elections, and strategize in planetary councils. Six Planet DAOs vie for dominance, fostering collaboration, competition, and strategy among users.

With a staggering player base of nearly 8 million and an active monthly user count exceeding 300,000, Alien Worlds tops DappRadar activity/usage charts, inspiring players to push the boundaries of creativity in the metaverse.

Engage with Alien Worlds at www.alienworlds.io.

About Dacoco:

Established in 2018 in Zug’s Crypto Valley, Dacoco emerged as a solution to real-world challenges faced by on-chain DAOs. With years of hands-on experience, Dacoco boasts some of the industry’s most robust DAO code and methodologies.

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