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Connect Financial Announces Crypto-Backed Credit Cards

Connect Financial Announces Crypto-Backed Credit Cards
CALGARY, Alberta - December 14, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

 Connect Financial - a cryptocurrency financial Fintech platform, announces their crypto-backed credit cards are coming to the market.

With more than 320 million people using cryptocurrency globally and an expected global adoption growth rate of 10% by 2030 for Bitcoin (BTC) alone, there is no denying that cryptocurrency is quickly moving towards mainstream acceptance. Cutting-edge innovations in blockchain and artificial intelligence are ushering in dramatic innovations in the financial industry. The way we borrow money, access credit, make electronic payments and manage wealth are all in the process of being transformed.

For crypto users that want more from their financial holdings, Connect Financial strives to bring inclusion and innovation to the global financial ecosystem.

Connect Financial's crypto-backed credit cards have been designed to enable its customers to leverage the spending power of their crypto and access credit fully in their control without having to sell their digital assets. By doing so, crypto is no longer an intangible digital asset but rather becomes a part of their everyday lives and purchases.

Their elite card partner unlocks a whole world of benefits for Connect Financial cardholders to receive rewards from everyday purchases from over 30 million merchants across 210 countries. "Traditional finance has offered rewards to their users for decades, and we feel that crypto users are currently being underserved in this regard. With a Connect Financial membership benefits in conjunction with the elite network of rewards, our customers can select and enjoy from an array of luxury-based, travel-specific or lifestyle living perks - All powered with their crypto holdings," states Christo Brown, Product Director, Connect Financial.

Connect Financial has built its platform with its customers at its core to develop not only a product line but a user experience that exceeds financial services interaction expectations. "We've built Connect Financial so every customer will enjoy flexibility, customization, and control of their financial management in a frictionless manner. Whether customers want to get more from their digital assets or get the proper credit to meet their financial needs, our interface is modern and simple while putting our customers in the control seat of their financial goals. All while ensuring robust industry-leading security protocols and multi-layered authentication so many people expect and desire for their online financial transactions and holdings.", states CXO, Chantel Meeley, Connect Financial.

Connect Financial's exclusive pre-launch crypto-backed credit card waitlist is now live. You can sign up and be one of the first to obtain this reward-driven, revolutionary credit card. 

To learn more, visit Connect Financial.

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