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With 2 Million Pre-registrations, the Fast-Paced Meme Trading Card Game “Cards Ahoy!” is Officially Live Worldwide

With 2 Million Pre-registrations, the Fast-Paced Meme Trading Card Game “Cards Ahoy!” is Officially Live Worldwide

HONG KONG, March 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — On March 27, 2024, the landmark Web3 card game “Cards Ahoy !”, developed by Metalist Game, has arrived worldwide and is available now to download and free to play on iOS and Android. Since its beta test, “Cards Ahoy!” has captivated players with its revolutionary gameplay mechanics and rich content as a star in the Web3 gaming domain. Throughout several rigorous testing rounds, “Cards Ahoy!” has garnered widespread acclaim and market attention for its exceptional game design, stunning visuals, and innovative use of Web3 elements, demonstrating its unparalleled appeal and broad player base. The official global launch is only the beginning of “Cards Ahoy!”‘s ambitious vision for the future.

2 Million Reservations Ignite the Bull Market in Blockchain Gaming

The widespread success and outstanding position of “Cards Ahoy!” in the Web3 gaming world stem from its multifaceted advantages and impressive test data. During the testing phase, the game already sparked enthusiastic responses across multiple social platforms, including YouTube, Twitter, and Discord. The surge of related live streams, tutorial videos, and game activation code trading further attested to the passion within its player community.

As a native project on the opBNB blockchain, it gained recognition from the BNB Star and opBNB Odyess missions and garnered technical and creative support from experienced development teams at top gaming companies like NetEase, Ubisoft, Blizzard, and Riot Games. These seasoned developers integrated classic elements from card games such as Marvel Duel, Hearthstone, and Onmyoji, enriching “Cards Ahoy!” with deeper gameplay and more strategic dimensions.

Throughout several rounds of testing, “Cards Ahoy!” has received widespread praise from players and significant attention from the market for its excellent game design, beautiful visuals, and innovative meme elements. Notably, the second open beta test revealed the game’s vast potential, with over 1.6 million total reservations, around 25,000 beta testers, nearly 180,000 hours of gameplay, a 47% ten-day retention rate, and the highest single card NFT transaction reaching 600 USDT. The third test showcased an even more impressive ten-day retention rate of 90.13%, highlighting its unique position among similar games. Additionally, the CAC test token topped the transaction volume charts on the opBNB trading platform, with the NFT market’s total transaction volume exceeding 1.15 million USDT and the highest single card transaction value reaching 6000 USDT.

These remarkable figures not only affirm “Cards Ahoy!”‘s market leadership since the testing phase, but also its high acclaim and anticipation within both web2 and web3 gaming circles. Since the beginning of the pre-registration for the global launch, the number of registrants surged to over 2 million. This signifies not only an acknowledgment of “Cards Ahoy!” itself but also an affirmation of the future growth potential of the Web3 gaming sector. As the game officially launches globally, it is expected to attract even more players to explore this innovative and promising new gaming world together.

“Cards Ahoy!” x “NARAKA: BLADEPOINT”: A Groundbreaking Cross-Realm Collaboration

On March 15th, the cross-collaboration between “Cards Ahoy!” and “NARAKA: BLADEPOINT” marked a successful fusion between the Web3 and Web2 gaming worlds. This deep collaboration between the two gaming realms is not only a first of its kind but also a significant milestone in breaking new ground in the Web3 gaming domain.

“NARAKA: BLADEPOINT,” a multiplayer action combat game that once topped the Steam charts and published by NetEase Games, has enriched “Cards Ahoy!” with the inclusion of its popular character Viper Ning as a mythical card. This addition not only enhances the game content of “Cards Ahoy!” but also attracts a large number of “NARAKA: BLADEPOINT” enthusiasts into the new world of Web3. To celebrate this collaboration, a special “Cards Ahoy!” x “NARAKA: BLADEPOINT” branded mythical card giveaway event was launched, with these limited edition cards being distributed through the OKX Web3 wallet’s giveaway section, further innovating the gaming experience and adding greater asset value. These activities not only boost player engagement and enhance the gaming experience but also bring added asset value and brand impact to “Cards Ahoy!”. The success of this collaboration signals the potential for more globally recognized IPs to join the “Cards Ahoy!” universe, adding momentum the game’s long-term development.

Leveraging its vast resources, the “Cards Ahoy!” team is committed to creating a world filled with diverse IPs, where each mythical card carries unique cultural significance and storytelling. This deep exploration and innovative integration of well-known IPs not only continually elevates “Cards Ahoy!”‘s global influence, drawing in more Web2 and Web3 players but also enhancing the potential purchasing power and trading activity of IP-related cards and game assets, continually increasing the value of the mythical cards within the game.

Card Game Streamers Join the Global Competitions

As Cards Ahoy launches globally, the team has prepared a global competitions arena event, combined with a diverse reward system, to provide players with a novel competitive experience while enhancing the game’s playability and community engagement. Players can dive into the game through the competitions arena, gather treasure clues, and access the competitions treasury for scratch-off lottery rewards. Both novices and veterans alike can compete on an equal footing, relishing the thrill of intense battles and the chance to win substantial in-game rewards, including limited edition mythical cards and game currency.

The event period attracted numerous popular card game streamers, including those from Hearthstone, Clash Royale, and Magic: The Gathering, who will live-stream after global launch, offering players exciting game analyses and battle showcases.

On its launch day, “Cards Ahoy!” achieved remarkable success in game charts across various countries, from player numbers to community response. The game had already received high praise from top influencers like Hearthstone champions and leading guilds of similar games during the beta test period, greatly boosting its popularity and attraction. The “Cards Ahoy!” community’s engagement rapidly grew, filled with enthusiastic interactions and discussions, creating an active and positive gaming ecosystem.

Beyond the popular live-stream events and community development, “Cards Ahoy!” was able to continuously enhance its brand value and player loyalty with engaging game content, like collaborations with renowned Ips and global tournaments.

The global launch of “Cards Ahoy!” is not just a journey of game innovation; it is an exploration and demonstration of the future direction of Web3 gaming development. Through close interaction with players and the community, the official team continuously gathers valuable feedback and suggestions, ensuring the game evolves and improves, offering players an immersive and rich experience. As the “Cards Ahoy!” ecosystem grows and the player community rapidly expands, this game is swiftly becoming a benchmark in the Web3 gaming world. “Cards Ahoy!” provides a golden opportunity to delve into the boundaries of Web3 gaming and witness the transformation of the gaming industry in this passionate and creative new era. In the early stages of this bull market, it undoubtedly stands as one of the most promising and highly anticipated high-quality game on the market.

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