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Alice Cooper wanted Depp and Heard to star in a remake of The War of the Roses

Alice Cooper wanted Depp and Heard to star in a remake of The War of the Roses

Amid their legal battle, Alice Cooper thought it would be funny if Johnny Depp and Amber Heard starred in a remake of the divorce comedy.

Alice Cooper may have sung about the man behind the mask but he once tried to be the man behind the movie, pitching to Johnny Depp that he and Amber Heard should star in a remake of The War of the Roses, the 1989 movie about a bitter split of a married couple.

While Johnny Depp and Amber Heard were engaged in their circus of a trial in 2022, Depp’s friend and Hollywood Vampires bandmate (Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry rounds out the core three members) Alice Cooper told the actor, “I have a great idea. You and Amber do a remake of The War of the Roses. Who wouldn’t go and see that?” Not a bad take, since the Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner movie told of a couple on the brink of divorce who do whatever they can in an attempt to drive the other one out of the house. Cooper also noted that, since Depp can be a pretty private guy – in case the secluded island didn’t give it away – the two only ever talked about the situation once. 

As for Depp’s reaction to Alice Cooper’s joke, “He laughed. Then it was, ‘What songs are we doing?’ Johnny is a good guitarist and in a way he would have been happiest doing that, playing side of stage in a band and not having to deal with the level of attention he gets. He just happens to be a really good actor. He has never seen a single one of his movies.”

The war between Depp and Heard – which had more human feces than it did roses – settled in June of last year, with the ultimate outcome favoring the Pirates of the Caribbean actor. There were appeals and more settlements, but it seems as though both Depp and Heard are trying to move on from the debacle. Depp is working on a comeback with films such as Jeanne du Barry and his return to the director’s chair with Modi, while Heard has moved to Spain as she awaits the December release of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom.

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