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Argylle: Matthew Vaughn’s next spy adventure starring Henry Cavill is coming to theaters in early 2024

Argylle: Matthew Vaughn’s next spy adventure starring Henry Cavill is coming to theaters in early 2024

An Argylle release date confirms Matthew Vaughn’s latest globe-trotting spy adventure comes to theaters in 2024.

Matthew Vaughn’s latest spy adventure, Argylle, is coming to theaters! The feature-length project was produced by Apple Original Films and distributed by Universal Pictures, with plans to screen the film in cinemas starting on February 2, 2024. Initially, the film was heading to Apple TV+, but now it will hit the streaming service later. Today’s Argylle release date is a welcome surprise for fans of Vaughn’s stylish spy films!

The movie is based on the as-yet-unpublished novel by first-time novelist Elly Conway, with Apple reportedly paying $200 million for the rights. The film stars Henry Cavill as a super-spy with a tragic haircut whose mission takes him across the U.S., London, and other extravagant locations. Cavill’s character suffers from amnesia. However, he thinks he’s a novelist, a mistake that lands him in a compromising position.

Bryce Dallas Howard, Sam Rockwell, Bryan Cranston, Catherine O’Hara, John Cena, Dua Lipa, Ariana DeBose, and Samuel L. Jackson join Cavill as cast members. Argylle is part of a planned franchise from Vaughn’s Marv studio. If the situation feels right, Vaughn aims to turn the property into a trilogy, with more chapters to come.

When director Matthew Vaughn first announced the project, he said, “When I read this early draft manuscript I felt it was the most incredible and original spy franchise since Ian Fleming’s books of the 50s. This is going to reinvent the spy genre.” Jason Fuchs (Wonder Woman) penned the adaptation of Argylle.

Interestingly, the book’s author, Elly Conway, doesn’t appear to have much of an online presence. When you search her name online, you’ll find that most articles/images reference a fictional character on Neighbors, an Australian soap opera. The author’s Instagram account is also vacant, and her concise bio on Penguin simply reads, “Elly Conway is the author of the heavily anticipated debut thriller, Argylle. She lives in the United States and is currently working on the next instalment in the series.” THR contacted the publishing company behind Argylle as well as Conway’s agent, but the conversation ended abruptly once questions about Conway were raised. Very mysterious. Either Elly Conway is the pen name of someone else, or she’s simply one of the more secretive people on the planet.

Are you intrigued by Argylle? Are you stoked about the official Argylle release date? Will you check out Vaughn’s new spy adventure in theaters, or wait until it comes to Apple TV+? Let us know in the comments below.

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