Home Entertainment News Chris Pratt says Guardian’s Quill is a massive Star Wars fan

Chris Pratt says Guardian’s Quill is a massive Star Wars fan

Chris Pratt says Guardian’s Quill is a massive Star Wars fan

Chris Pratt is absolutely certain that Peter Quill would have loved Star Wars, especially beloved smartass Han Solo.

The force is strong with this one…Peter Quill may be best known for his mixtapes, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t have time for movies. Sure, we know the leader of the Guardians loves Footloose (and Earth’s “great hero” Kevin Bacon), but it’s probably less surprising to know he really digs Star Wars and Han Solo.

Asked by a fan whether or not Guardian’s Peter Quill would be a Star Wars fan, Pratt replied, “Of course he would have been…His entire life is based on emulating his pop culture icons and, of course, he would have been a huge fan of Star Wars. And I think Han Solo in particular would have been a large influence on who he ends up being. So yes, there’s certainly a lot of Han Solo in the character of Star-Lord.” Now there’s the crossover we need!

Star Wars was a major influence for director James Gunn when he was developing Guardians of the Galaxy. He continues to share his respect for the movies, tweeting on May 4th (you know, Star Wars Day), “I remember driving home [from the Marvel meeting] & thinking I didn’t want to make a movie LIKE Star Wars, but a movie that made people FEEL like Star Wars made me feel as a kid. Outlandish characters, extraordinary locations, a space opera with a touch of magic filled with heart.”

And of course there was last year’s The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special, which played off of the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special and wasn’t exponentially better, with due respect to Bea Arthur.

The Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy has proven to be a favorite among MCU fans, although its box office numbers are projecting lower than expected, with a $110 million opening weekend. For the sake of comparison, this third Guardians will make around $70 million less than the most recent Star Wars trilogy’s capper, The Rise of Skywalker. Still, fans are enjoying it overall despite any flaws it may have.

Other than Star Wars, what other movies do you think Peter Quill loved in Guardians of the Galaxy? Does he watch the Holiday Special every year?

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