Home Entertainment News Cloverfield: Slusho website has been re-activated

Cloverfield: Slusho website has been re-activated

Cloverfield: Slusho website has been re-activated

The Slusho website, part of the viral marketing campaign for the original Cloverfield, has been re-activated


Back in 2007, a website – Slusho.com – was launched to advertise a brand of drink called Slusho, which contained a highly addictive ingredient called Seabed’s Nectar (which is why “You can’t drink just six!”) and comes in flavors like Blueberry Zoom, Chocolate Rage, Mikan, Nashi, Banana Anime, and Strawberry Tasty. As it turned out, this was just viral marketing for the 2008 creature feature Cloverfield (watch it HERE)… even though it didn’t have any relevance to the plot of the movie. At least, not from what we could see in the movie itself. Now another Cloverfield movie is in the works, with Under the Shadow‘s Babak Anvari on board to direct from a screenplay by iBoy writer Joe Barton – and the folks at Slash Film noticed that Slusho.com has been re-activated. The viral marketing site lives again!

A release date for Anvari and Barton’s Cloverfield movie hasn’t been announced. We also haven’t heard any plot details for this one. As you would expect from a Bad Robot production, this sequel is being kept shrouded in secrecy. All we’ve heard so far is that, unlike the first Cloverfield, this movie will not be in the found footage format.

Cloverfield became an anthology series, with Dan Trachtenberg’s 10 Cloverfield Lane and Julius Onah’s The Cloverfield Paradox telling separate stories. A Quiet Place was also being developed as a Cloverfield entry at one point, before it was decided that it should be a standalone release. There have been some rumblings that the new Cloverfield film might actually follow up on the story of the original in some way.

Directed by Matt Reeves from a screenplay by Drew Goddard, the first Cloverfield had the following synopsis: As a group of New Yorkers enjoy a going-away party, little do they know that they will soon face the most terrifying night of their lives. A creature the size of a skyscraper descends upon the city, leaving death and destruction in its wake. Using a handheld video camera, the friends record their struggle to survive as New York crumbles around them.

Are you looking forward to the new Cloverfield movie, and would you like it to be a direct sequel to the original? What do you think of Slusho.com being re-activated? Share your thoughts on this project by leaving a comment below.

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