Home Entertainment News Fast X: Michelle Rodriguez teases a cliffhanger ending

Fast X: Michelle Rodriguez teases a cliffhanger ending

Fast X: Michelle Rodriguez teases a cliffhanger ending

The penultimate entry of the Fast & Furious franchise will leave audiences stunned with a shocking cliffhanger, according to Rodriguez.

We’re in the final two laps. This May will see the release of Fast X. Vin Diesel has confirmed that the tenth entry in the Fast & Furious series will actually be split into two parts. Usually, when a single narrative installment of a franchise is split into two, especially if they film back-to-back, you can bet that the first part will end on some sort of stinger to get you curious and hyped for the next part. This seems to be the case for the upcoming film. ScreenRant reports on franchise star Michelle Rodriguez as she teases the cliffhanger ending to Fast X, which will lead into the second part. I predict the next one will likely be titled Furious X.

Michelle Rodriguez is currently doing promotion for her other big movie, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, which I’m sure her Fast co-star Vin Diesel is excited about, being a D&D head himself. In a recent interview, she talked about how hard the Fast X cliffhanger will hit audiences. “I think people are gonna be really, really surprised, and we’re gonna get a lot of open mouths at the end of Fast X. Let’s just put it that way. It’s gonna be like, ‘Really? What?’ Like that! Like that’s how I was in the theater. I was like, ‘Oh my god. What have we done?’”

This sequel adds Jason Momoa to the series as the new villain, Dante. According to the trailer, he is on a quest for revenge against the family after the events of Fast Five, where Dante’s father was killed during the big heist finale. Momoa has mentioned how fun it was to play such a ruthless yet quirky villain that’s “pure chaos”, and Rodriguez previously boasted about how Dante is the best male villain they’ve had.

The hype that Rodriguez is building for the ending gives the impression that it would leave audiences in a shock similar to Avengers: Infinity War, when many of the characters were perceived to be dead. In a franchise where the outrageousness gets turned up with every entry, especially considering the last installment had them going into space, there’s no telling where they could possibly go, and anything is possible. A fun twist would be if Dwayne Johnson came back as the ultimate villain against Diesel since their behind-the-scenes clash was made very public. Although, Johnson would not want to lose in the end, so perhaps that won’t happen.

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