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Frankie Freako: Steven Kostanski horror comedy pays tribute to Gremlins 2 and Ghoulies 3

Frankie Freako: Steven Kostanski horror comedy pays tribute to Gremlins 2 and Ghoulies 3

Director Steven Kostanski’s new horror comedy Frankie Freako pays tribute to films like Gremlins 2 and Ghoulies Go to College

Manborg. Father’s Day. The Void. Leprechaun Returns. Psycho Goreman. There’s been a throwback element to all of the feature films we’ve gotten from director Steven Kostanski so far, and his next feature will be no different. Variety has confirmed that production has wrapped on Kostanski’s horror comedy Frankie Freako, which is said to be a “commemoration of various practical FX-led projects including Gremlins 2: The New Batch and Ghoulies Go to College“. Well, if you say your movie pays tribute to Gremlins 2 and Ghoulies 3, you’ve already sold me on it.

Shout! Studio holds the U.S. distribution rights to Frankie Freako, but release plans have not yet been announced.

The story follows Conor Sweeney (The Editor) as he accidentally unleashes a trio of tiny trouble-makers into his home, led by the maniacal rock-n-roll party monster Frankie Freako. It’s a race against time as Conor must defeat the rambunctious ruffians and clean up their trail of destruction before his wife returns from her weekend work trip, all while going on an unexpected journey of self-discovery.

Sweeney is joined in the cast by Adam Brooks (The Return) and Kristy Wordsworth (The Spy Who Never Dies).

Shout!’s Jordan Fields provided the following statement: “Steven is a human love letter to genre films, and this is a partnership Shout has long sought. With his impeccable sense of tone and humor, not to mention his wizardry with practical effects, Frankie Freako will surely delight fans of those subversive and mischievous creature features of yesteryear.

Kostanski produced the film alongside Melanie Murray and Pasha Patriki of Hangar 18 Media, as well as Michael Paszt, Andrew Thomas Hunt, and James Fler. Fields serves as executive producer with Avi Federgreen, Alison Waxman, Garson Foos, and Bob Emmer. Raven Banner is handling the international distribution sales and the film’s Canadian distribution.

Are you a fan of any of Steven Kostanski’s previous films, and are you interested in Frankie Freako? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Like I said, the fact that Gremlins 2 and Ghoulies 3 were named as sources of inspiration was already enough to sell me on Frankie Freako, and my familiarity with some of Kostanski’s other movies doesn’t hurt.

Psycho Goreman

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