Home Entertainment News Friday Fright Nights: Watch the horror film The Burial here!

Friday Fright Nights: Watch the horror film The Burial here!

Friday Fright Nights: Watch the horror film The Burial here!
Friday Fright Nights: Watch the horror film The Burial here!

This week’s Friday Fright Nights feature is the horror film The Burial, written and directed by Michael Escalante


A full Free Movie of the Day is posted on the JoBlo Horror Movies YouTube channel every other day during the week – but on Fridays things get even freakier and a little more fun. Get your weekend started the right way by indulging in Friday Fright Nights! Every Friday, we’ll be taking a look at another genre movie you can watch in its entirety, free of charge, either on the YouTube channel linked above or in the video embed here.

The Friday Fright Night feature we have for you this week is The Burial, which just received its initial release from Terror Films three weeks ago. This slow burn horror thriller is a story of secrets, troubled minds, terrible mistakes, and very bad decisions. We know from the start that things are going to be going down a dark path, but writer/director Michael Escalante keeps us guessing as to exactly how disturbing the path is going to be. Something horrible occurs within the first 25 minutes, but there’s still plenty of running time left for things to fall apart even further.

If you like movies that give you a feeling of dread for long periods of time because you know something bad is going to happen to the characters, The Burial is going to be right up your alley. And I have to admit, I was never able to predict where the movie was going.

Friday Fright Nights The Burial

The Burial has the following synopsis: After his estranged brother contacts him for help, a man and his girlfriend answer the call, only to find themselves unwittingly dragged into a murderous plot with severe consequences.

The film stars Faith Kearns, Aaron Pyle, Vernon Taylor, and Spencer Weitzel.

The Burial marks the feature debut for its writer/director, and Escalante did a solid job with it. He took a common approach to making his first movie, crafting a story that only involves a few characters and takes place largely in one location, and was able to make something unique out of it. The story sustains the running time very well, takes some unexpected twist and turns, and there’s some good writing on display.

After watching The Burial, I’m looking forward to seeing what Escalante is going to do next.

So take a look at The Burial – it’s free! – and let us know what you thought of it by leaving a comment below or on the YouTube page.

The Burial Friday Fright Nights

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