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Garden of Eden: Pretty Boy team wraps production on a new horror film

Garden of Eden: Pretty Boy team wraps production on a new horror film

Pretty Boy director Marcel Walz, writer Joe Knetter, and star Sarah French have wrapped production on a horror film called Garden of Eden

While we keep waiting to hear distribution news for the Blind (watch it HERE, read my review at THIS LINK) sequel Pretty Boy, the film’s creative team is continuing to create. Last year, we heard that filming had wrapped on a giallo thriller called That’s a Wrap, the first film from Neon Noir, a production company formed by Blind and Pretty Boy director Marcel Walz, screenwriter Joe Knetter, and star Sarah French. Now production has also wrapped on the second Neon Noir project, a horror film called Garden of Eden!

Directed by Walz from a script by Knetter, Garden of Eden has the following synopsis: The Eden family are devout Christians and do everything they can to live the word of God and set an example of what is right and wrong. They have been very successful in business and are rich beyond their needs. In order to give back, the family throws garden parties. Each guest that is lucky enough to find a key gets to have their most wished for dream come true. But a dream for some can be a nightmare for others.

French stars and is joined in the cast by Robert Rusler (A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy’s Revenge), Monique T. Parent (Mirror Mirror 3), Sarah Polednak (The Amityville Moon), Gigi Gustin (The Last Deal), Sarah Nicklin (The Retaliators) and Dazelle Yvette (Plus One at an Amish Wedding). 

Garden of Eden is described as being super dark and disturbing, and is said to deal with heavy subject matter.

Before filming began, Walz told Deadline, “It’s by far the most controversial movie I’ve ever done. But there is a purpose to all the things we show and things we want to tell. It will be shocking for sure, but we also want to do all this with heart and beauty.” Now filming is complete, Walz also provided a statement to our friends at Bloody Disgusting (who have some first look images at that link), saying, “My heart was full of joy after finishing Garden of Eden. This was a such wonderful experience for me, seeing this cast and crew putting so much love and beauty into a movie with so many disturbing and controversial scenes. We created something special.

Walz, Knetter, and French produced Garden of Eden, with Manuel Suess executive producing.

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