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Hawaiian Dick: Patrick Wilson wants to direct adaptation of supernatural thriller comic book

Hawaiian Dick: Patrick Wilson wants to direct adaptation of supernatural thriller comic book

Patrick Wilson is interested in directing an adaptation of the supernatural thriller comic book Hawaiian Dick

Way back in 2006, it was announced that Frank Coraci (The Wedding Singer) had signed on to direct an adaptation of the supernatural private eye thriller comic book Hawaiian Dick, working from a script by Freddy vs. Jason writers Damian Shannon and Mark Swift. There was talk about Johnny Knoxville starring in the film and Patrick Wilson was approached about joining the cast, but the project never made it into production. Years have passed, but obviously something about the concept of Hawaiian Dick really stuck with Wilson, because in a recent interview he revealed that he would like to direct a Hawaiian Dick adaptation himself!

Wilson is currently doing the press rounds for his feature directorial debut Insidious: The Red Door, which is set to reach theatres on July 7th. While he was speaking with ComicBook.com, he was asked if there’s a comic book adaptation he’d be interested in directing. He answered, “Yeah, there is. I’ve never said this, but I’ll throw it out there. You know what I’ve always wanted to do, and always been fascinated by, is Hawaiian Dick…. I was approached about that movie to act in it a hundred years ago with Frank Coraci. I have no idea where the rights are to that movie, but I always loved that series… Hawaiian Dick. Look it up!

Created by B. Clay Moore and Steven Michael Griffin, Hawaiian Dick takes place in the fifties, in a noir version of Hawaii. Byrd, the main character, lives in Honolulu. The Hawaii of Hawaiian Dick is also home to all of Hawaii’s legendary supernatural anomalies, each able to manifest when the time is right.

Hawaiian Dick was set up at New Line Cinema when it was in development more than fifteen years ago, but they may not have the rights anymore. It would be pretty cool if Wilson could track down the rights and finally bring Hawaiian Dick to the screen.

The first Hawaiian Dick mini-series, Hawaiian Dick: Byrd of Paradise, was published in 2002. That was followed by Hawaiian Dick: The Last Resort, Hawaiian Dick: Screaming Black Thunder, and Aloha, Hawaiian Dick.

Are you a fan of the Hawaiian Dick comic books, and would you like to see a movie happen with Patrick Wilson at the helm? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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