Home Entertainment News Hysteria!: Bruce Campbell joins Peacock’s satanic panic series

Hysteria!: Bruce Campbell joins Peacock’s satanic panic series

Hysteria!: Bruce Campbell joins Peacock’s satanic panic series

Bruce Campbell joins Julie Bowen and Anna Camp in Hysteria!, an upcoming satanic panic series coming to the Peacock streaming service.

Bruce Campbell is no stranger to dealing with the supernatural, so it’s no surprise that Variety has reported that he’s joined the cast of Hysteria!, Peacock’s satanic panic series.

Per the official description, “When a beloved varsity quarterback disappears during the ‘Satanic Panic’ of the late 1980s, a struggling high school heavy metal band of outcasts realize they can capitalize on the town’s sudden interest in the occult by building a reputation as a Satanic metal band, until a bizarre series of murders, kidnappings, and reported ‘supernatural activity’ triggers a leather-studded witch hunt that leads directly back to them.” Sounds… interesting. Bruce Campbell will play Chief Dandridge in Hysteria!, who is described as “a small-town police chief whose understanding of his community is put to the test after a disturbing series of murders, disappearances, and unexplained phenomena.

Bruce Campbell joins previously announced cast members Anna Camp, Julie Bowen, Emjay Anthony, Chiara Aurelia, Kezii Curtis, and Nikki Hahn. Bowen is playing Linda Campbell, “the mother of a teenage outcast. Linda experiences a series of supernatural disturbances that force her to question everything she knows about her son, as well as the growing threat of Satanism in their small Midwestern town.” Camp plays Tracy Whitehead, “a crusading Midwestern mother who has been the laughingstock of her community for years due to her extreme religious beliefs, but after a string of occult crimes and disturbances, she becomes a dangerous and unlikely leader of her small town.

Bruce Campbell serves as an executive producer on Evil Dead Rise, the latest installment of the horror franchise which is now playing in theaters. The actor recently said that they’re hoping to make a new Evil Dead sequel every two or three years. “I think the stories will progress a little more now,” Campbell said. “We’re going to try and do them more like every two or three years rather than every 10 years. It’s also the first time Sam is working with his brother Ivan to create an overall Bible that will give future writers and directors an idea of where this thing should go next to potentially tie in some of these stories. So I think it’s going to get a little more tied in as the years go by. But because it’s all about the books. It could be a book in the past, a book in the future. It’s yet to be determined.” You can check out a review of Evil Dead Rise from our own Jessica Dwyer right here, and be sure to let us know what you thought of the movie as well.

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