Home Entertainment News Kirsten Dunst wonders whether the world actually needs Spider-Man 4

Kirsten Dunst wonders whether the world actually needs Spider-Man 4

Kirsten Dunst wonders whether the world actually needs Spider-Man 4

After rumours of Spider-Man 4 reuniting Sam Raimi and the original cast, Kirsten Dunst wonders whether the world really needs the movie.

Once upon a time, Sam Raimi was set to direct Spider-Man 4 with Toby Maguire and Kirsten Dunst both returning to star. However, the project wasn’t coming together quickly enough for Sony’s liking and the studio elected to reboot the entire franchise with The Amazing Spider-Man. Thanks to Maguire reprising the role of Peter Parker in Spider-Man: No Way Home, there’s been an interest in returning to the original franchise, but could Spider-Man 4 actually happen?

While speaking with IndieWire, Kirsten Dunst was asked if she would even want to do Spider-Man 4, which left the actress wondering whether we really needed the sequel. “It would depend. I don’t know,” Dunst said. “Honestly, do we need it?

Dunst continued: “I don’t think we need that. I don’t know. It was so long ago. I just don’t know how they would, what the story would be. I don’t know. It seems like … I don’t know! It would really depend on the script, and also, I don’t know, you’re really putting yourself out there in a way that … let’s maybe leave things when they were good. You know what I mean?

Sam Raimi has expressed an interest in returning for Spider-Man 4 when the time is right but downplayed the rumors earlier this month. “I did read that [rumor], but I’m not actually working on it yet,” Raimi explained. “Marvel and Columbia are so successful with current Spider-Man [movies], and the track there, and I don’t know that they’re going to go back to me, and say, ‘Well, folks, we can also tell that story!’” As fun as it might be to see the original cast return for Spider-Man 4, I feel like I agree with Kirsten Dunst at this point; is it really needed when we have so many other successful Spider-Man projects?

Kirsten Dunst can currently be seen starring in Alex Garland’s Civil War. Our own Chris Bumbray loved the movie, but is curious how general audiences will react to the potentially controversial movie. “It asks us to take a long, hard look at what’s happening around us and demands that we look beyond politics and recognize what we have in common rather than what we don’t,” Bumbray wrote. “It’s a plea for peace in that, like other movies of this nature, notably the apocalyptic drama The Day After, it dares to show us hell in the hope of keeping it from ever happening.” You can check out the rest of Bumbray’s review right here.

Would you like to see Spider-Man 4?

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