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Morgan Freeman admits he often plays himself in movies, does them for money

Morgan Freeman admits he often plays himself in movies, does them for money

He’s played God, Nelson Mandela and more, but as of late, Morgan Freeman feels like he’s just playing variations of himself in movies.

When you picture Morgan Freeman, you also hear Morgan Freeman. And when you go into one of his movies, you know pretty much what you’re going to be getting: Morgan Freeman!

The Oscar-winning actor has undoubtedly fallen into familiar territory in the later phase of his career, as often happens with even the best actors. Speaking with The Times, Morgan Freeman acknowledged that he often gets hired for movies because studios know he’ll be able to deliver on being, well, Morgan Freeman. “When my career started in film I wanted to be a chameleon. I remember De Niro early on, doing very different parts. Almost unrecognisable as the same actor. I had opportunities like that. But as you mature in this business, eventually you become a star. Then you’re pretty screwed in terms of referring to yourself as a character actor. You play a lot of the same type of role–people hire you and say, ‘It’s you that I want.’ And you live with it.” He added, “It’s just…me. The character will adapt itself to you rather than the other way round…”

Morgan Freeman doesn’t seem to have much of an issue with this–after all, a paycheck is a paycheck, something he fesses up to being a key reason he signs onto some movies. “Sometimes it’s just the money alone…Sometimes you just work to pay the rent.” That might explain why he still appears in so many movies, remaining one of the busiest octogenarians in the business. This year will see him in at least two movies: The Ritual Killer and Zach Braff’s A Good Person, while 57 Seconds and Gunner have yet to land official release dates. He, too, has landed the spy thriller Lioness for Taylor Sheridan.

Morgan Freeman has appeared in around 120 movies, garnering five Academy Award nominations (with one win: Best Supporting Actor in Million Dollar Baby) and just as many Golden Globe nods, further being recognized with the Cecil B. DeMille Award.

Do you think Morgan Freeman plays too similar of a character in his movies? What do you think is the last great performance he gave? Let us know in the comments section below!


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