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Netflix Chief Action Officer Arnie gives Chris Hemsworth advice ahead of Extraction 2

Netflix Chief Action Officer Arnie gives Chris Hemsworth advice ahead of Extraction 2

Arnold Schwarzenegger is taking his job as Chief Action Officer at Netflix seriously, giving advice to hopeful action heroes.


Oh, you thought Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Chief Action Officer position at Netflix was just a joke? Come on, when does Arnie ever do anything half-assed? This guy is committed through and through…just ask Chris Hemsworth!

In a new video, Netflix’s Chief Action Officer takes an elevator ride with Chris Hemsworth to give him a few pointers. After all, Arnold is one of the greatest action heroes in movie history! As per Netflix, “On his second day on the job, “Chief Action Officer” Arnold Schwarzenegger has a few ideas for Chris Hemsworth’s upcoming film, Extraction 2. Nobody knows pulse pounding action like the stars of Netflix’s must-watch full throttle films and series.”

Netflix appointed Schwarzenegger as Chief Action Officer last month, with a clever video that showed Arnie rolling up to the company’s headquarters in a tank–which he drove himself–and declaring, “No one loves action as much as I do…that’s why I’ve accepted the big new job.” In the video, he’s even seen pumping iron while calling out to Hemsworth on TV, “Hit him harder, Hemsworth!” Extraction 2 arrives on Netflix on June 16th.

Now that Arnold is showing just what makes him perfect for the Chief Action Officer at Netflix by appearing in a video with Chris Hemsworth, the potential is now open to see more hilarious promos with the likes of Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot, who star in upcoming Netflix actioners The Witcher (season three) and Heart of Stone? The initial March video also teased series The Brothers Sun and movie Lift, which does make us want to see Arnold offer some tips to Michelle Yeoh and Kevin Hart–the size difference alone has plenty of potential.

Arnold himself of course can currently be seen in Netflix’s FUBAR, which the streaming service celebrated the success of by putting its star in a number of programs…which should really just be a permanent feature on the service.

How do you feel about Netflix’s marketing campaign with Arnold Schwarzenegger as Chief Action Officer? Which upcoming Netflix action movies are you looking forward to? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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