Home Entertainment News Sound of Freedom 2: sequel talk complicated by rights issues?

Sound of Freedom 2: sequel talk complicated by rights issues?

Sound of Freedom 2: sequel talk complicated by rights issues?

While Sound of Freedom 2 sounds logical given how popular the movie is, the complicated rights situation makes it far from a sure thing.

Recently, Sound of Freedom director Alejandro Monteverde teased a potential sequel to the breakout hit of the summer, but making a Sound of Freedom 2 may be easier said than done. While the film has become a massive financial success ($178 million on a $14.5 million budget), Variety is reporting that given the way the film was financed, many parties involved could lay claim to the right to make a sequel, with Monteverde having only secured the right to make one film based on subject Tim Ballard’s life. 

Indeed, producer Mike Ilitch Jr. apparently owns Ballard’s life rights, and he could theoretically make his own follow-up to the film. While it’s possible (and maybe even likely) that Illitch (who isn’t listed as a producer on Sound of Freedom) might team up with Monteverde and Angel Studios for a follow-up (as well as star Jim Caviezel), it’s not as clear-cut a situation as it would be had a traditional Hollywood studio financed the film. Angel Studios is thought to hold the rights to the title Sound of Freedom (but not Ballard’s life rights), so Variety hypothesizes that the studio could make a spin-off instead of a traditional sequel – if need be.

With the film making tens of millions in profit, the film still seems all but certain to generate some kind of follow-up, whether it’s with Angel Studios, Monteverde and Caviezel, or without. It’s unusual for a movie like this to become such a grassroots hit, with the film bringing to mind the seventies cult classic Billy Jack, which, similarly, was financed by a major studio, dumped, and then released independently to boffo box office (and sequels). Certainly, all involved would be wise to pool their resources, as I’m not sure a Sound of Freedom follow-up works without Monteverde’s apolical approach, Angel’s marketing savvy, and Caviezel’s in the lead. The wrong mix could severely limit its crossover appeal.

As far as Sound of Freedom goes, we’ve actually been preparing a deep dive video on the film that cuts through some of the noise and explains its road to the big screen and why it’s hit a nerve with people. You can expect that to drop Monday over at JoBlo Originals!

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