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Tarantino and Avary catch Barbenheimer double feature

Tarantino and Avary catch Barbenheimer double feature

Quentin Tarantino and Roger Avary caught the internet-sweeping double feature known as Barbenheimer over the weekend.

Barbenheimer has swept not only the nation but the globe, with Barbie seeing green in its pink-filled world at a $337 million worldwide opening and its quasi-competitor Oppenheimer proving to be one of Christopher Nolan’s strongest debuts, with the movies collectively grossing over a half-billion dollars. And while the internet was abuzz with the striking differences between the films that happened to be out on the same weekend, two major names — Quentin Tarantino and Roger Avary — got in on the fun, planning their own Barbenheimer double feature. Hm, maybe Tarantino should have played Mr. Pink…

As confirmed by the Twitter account for Tarantino and Avary’s podcast, The Video Archives, the duo spent an afternoon catching the meme-worthy Barbenheimer double feature, hitting Christopher Nolan’s movie before wrapping up their day with some lighter fare courtesy of Greta Gerwig, helping Barbie have the best opening weekend for a female director ever.

Regarding the second flick in their Barbenheimer double bill, Roger Avary tweeted that the screening he and Quentin Tarantino attended was beaming with the audience support many expected to see. “The Barbie showing in Westwood last night had such an amazing audience, literally cheering the movie.  Many of them were larping.  I haven’t seen that in a while, and it was awesome.” Notably, the accompanying picture of the boys at the box office shows them at the Fox Bruin Theater, the same one featured in Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood during the sequence in which Sharon Tate (played by Barbie’s Margot Robbie) spent an afternoon in watching herself in The Wrecking Crew. QT went with a shirt plugging The Hateful Eight and not his 2019 movie.

Aside from Quentin Tarantino and Roger Avary, many other major Hollywood players have come out in support of the Barbenheimer — if not for its oddball factor then in promoting the theatrical experience, with Tom Cruise urging moviegoers to catch both Barbie and Oppenheimer no matter which order they choose to do so. Even Barbie director and star Gerwig and Robbie got in on the fun, showing off their Oppenheimer and Dead Reckoning stubs.

Did you join Tarantino, Avary and thousands of others in partaking in the Barbenheimer double feature? If so, which order did you watch it in? Give us your experience below!

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