Home Entertainment News The Deep Web: Murdershow tells of crypto-funded torture

The Deep Web: Murdershow tells of crypto-funded torture

The Deep Web: Murdershow tells of crypto-funded torture

XYZ Films will be releasing The Deep Web: Murdershow, a horror film about a crypto currency-funded torture website

Almost exactly one year after Kevin Smith sold his horror anthology Killroy Was Here as an NFT (with the Ashley Benson slasher Alone at Night following in his footsteps soon after), Variety reports that XYZ Films has picked up the domestic distribution rights to another film that blends horror with crypto. Thankfully, this one isn’t being sold as an NFT, it will be heading out into the world in a more traditional way. The new movie is called The Deep Web: Murdershow and it will take viewers on a dark ride when a journalist’s search for clues to his sister’s murder leads him to a disturbing crypto currency torture website inside the deep web called The Murdershow. As those close to him disappear, he must find and stop this reign of terror.

The idea of torture website kind of reminds me of the Hostel movies. If that franchise were still alive, that story could have easily worked for a Hostel IV. Hostel goes crypto.

The Deep Web: Murdershow was written and directed by Dan Zachary, whose previous credits include Darkest Hour, Mortal Remains, and American Conjuring. The film stars Josh Blacker (Elysium) as a detective trying to unravel the mystery; Aiden Howard (Firefly Lane) as a hard-charging reporter; and Kimi Alexander (A Million Little Things) as a woman ensnared by the murderous group behind the shadowy site.

Hadron Features produced the film with Darci MacDonald and Miles Forster, in association with Convoke Media. Chris Wilkinson, Ryan Marchant, Kevin Zhao, Michelle Wu, and Convoke Media owner Todd Slater served as executive producers.

Wilkinson provided the following statement: “We’re thrilled to be working with Todd Slater and the group at XYZ to bring this dark and thrilling film to U.S. audiences.

Slater said, “Hadron Films brought some serious talent and world class resources to the table for this film and I’m excited to make many more projects with this team in the future.

Does The Deep Web: Murdershow sound interesting to you? Share your thoughts on this one by leaving a comment below – and while you’re scrolling down, check out this first-look image of Kimi Alexander’s character in the film:

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