Home Entertainment News The Flash: Stephen King tweets his love for the DC Film

The Flash: Stephen King tweets his love for the DC Film

The Flash: Stephen King tweets his love for the DC Film

Horror author Stephen King tweets an unlikely endorsement of the DCEU’s latest and biggest entry to the former Snyder-verse.

The Flash is generating a ton of good buzz. Early word-of-mouth was that it’s one of the, if not THE, best DCEU films. The film even got an advanced endorsement from Tom Cruise when the star was privy to an advanced screening and glowed about it. New DC President James Gunn would also profess his love for it. The movie still has some time before it opens, which is also a long time coming after the movie had been delayed, but renowned horror author Stephen King has recently tweeted that he got to see an advanced screening and also stated his love for the film.

On King’s official Twitter account, the author wrote, “I got an advance screening of THE FLASH today. As a rule I don’t care a lot for superhero movies, but this one is special. It’s heartfelt, funny, and eye-popping. I loved it.” DC isn’t messing around when trying to gauge reactions from a multitude of demographics. The plot that the film derives its story from is already a popular one that the fans have been anxious to see. Add to that the wave of nostalgia seekers who are excited to see the one and only Michael Keaton return to the defining role of Batman. However, it’s interesting seeing at least two unlikely names like Cruise and King champion a movie that could easily get lost in the sea of the movie genre with the general audience. Especially since King admits he doesn’t like superhero films.

There’s no denying that despite the positive aspects, the film actually also has a lot going against it. The biggest elephant in the room comes from the element of separating the film’s main hero character from the real-life despicable acts that Ezra Miller has been charged with. For quite some time, the studio has been under the microscope to see what kind of damage control they do with such a cloud over the film. Many thought it might be scrapped or dumped on HBO Max, especially in the wake of the Batgirl film cancelation.

Recently, though, there is a new hurdle with the DC universe’s complete overhaul with Gunn and Peter Safran retooling the entire slate of characters. Seeing as The Flash was part of the Zack Snyder shared universe which is now deemed somewhat obsolete can deflate some of the suspense and tease for the future of the franchise. There were rumblings of some being disinterested in the recently underwhelmed Shazam: Fury of the Gods since the character will possibly have lesser relevance, as well as heartbreaking teases like having Cavill’s Superman in Black Adam. A large part of the fun of the shared universe is the mingling of characters in all the movies, but with a new continuity on the way, audiences may find it pointless.

However, The Flash may still stand on its own as a great movie. It still has an interesting story to tell and an opportunity to be a crucial element to resetting the timeline for the films anyway, so all the former concerns can very well be moot. If it’s entertaining, it will still have done its job. And word is, it’s a job well done.

The Flash zooms into theaters on June 16.

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