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The Flash tracks lower than expected with a predicted soft $70 million opening at the box office

The Flash tracks lower than expected with a predicted soft  million opening at the box office

As fast as The Flash may be, the solo film of the DC superhero may not be able to keep up with the preceding films that have made bank.

This year, the reliably popular superhero films aren’t seemingly breaking the bank like usual, and there has been some debate on whether or not fatigue on the genre is finally setting in. After films like Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and Shazam: Fury of the Gods paled in comparison to their predecessors, it looked somewhat bleak. However, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 would hit big and add to the debate by proving the contrary. It is still early in the summer, and Guardians is a bigger name with audiences than Ant-Man or Shazam, but there is now talk that The Flash, a staple of the DC franchise, is tracking to a softer opening than once thought.

The Hollywood Reporter reveals that two big June releases, including Flash and a Disney-Pixar film titled Elemental, are not expected to keep up with some other big earners this year. Elemental is an original property, although Pixar films are usually met with big responses since the studio has a track record of putting out successfully comedic films that also connect with audiences on an emotional level. However, The Flash is already a pretty big name with the added strength of having a beloved Batman actor returning to the role. According to THR, The Flash, starring Ezra Miller in the titular role, is pacing to open in the $70 million range, according to sources who have access to tracking data. Box office insiders say that’s a soft number for a movie that’s been heavily promoted by Warner Brothers Discovery as the best superhero film of all time. Others note that a movie’s hold once it opens is more important than the opening weekend gross.”

Word of mouth could be the saving grace for The Flash. Warner Bros. has been hyping the film with special early screenings that have elicited overwhelmingly positive responses from some very notable names. James Gunn, who has taken over the DC Film department, calls the movie one of the strongest outings that the genre has ever put out. There have even been endorsements from interesting people who would not have been obvious guesses for the intended audience. Tom Cruise reportedly was treated to an early screening and would gush over the film. The same goes for horror icon Stephen King, who professes that he does not usually gravitate to superhero movies. The new president of Warner Bros., David Zaslav, would also state that The Flash was the greatest superhero movie he’s ever seen.

There is, unfortunately, a cloud that hovers over the film, though. The titular star of The Flash, Ezra Miller, has been having legal and public relations trouble for some time since Miller had been charged with some pretty egregious crimes and even had been on the lam for some time while authorities were in pursuit. Wisely, Warner Bros would not utilize Miller much during promotion and emphasis is placed more on the film featuring Michael Keaton’s return to his iconic role as Batman.

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