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The Full Monty series gets first trailer

The Full Monty series gets first trailer

Disney+ is looking for some hot stuff, baby, releasing the first trailer for the upcoming The Full Monty series.

When you think of The Full Monty – you know, the movie about steel workers who become male strippers – you don’t necessarily think of Disney (we hope). But Disney is very much on board with the upcoming television series, releasing the first trailer for the upcoming The Full Monty show, which brings back much of the original cast.

As per Deadline, the plot for The Full Monty series reads: “Taking place 25 years after the original British smash hit, the eight-parter will follow the same band of brothers as they navigate the post-industrial city of Sheffield, and society’s crumbling healthcare, education, and employment sectors. The comedy-drama will uncover what happened to the gang after they put their kit back on, exploring their brighter, sillier and more desperate moments.” The tagline nicely plays off of the age aspect, which will certainly be played for laughs throughout: “Older. None the wiser.”

The Full Monty series will reunite many of the cast members that made the 1997 so cherished at the time, including Robert Carlyle (Gary “Gaz” Schofield), Mark Addy (Dave Horsefall) and more. Hugo Speer, who played Guy in the movie, was fired after accusations of sexual misconduct. Also returning is screenwriter Simon Beaufoy, who earned an Oscar nomination for Best Original Screenplay.

The upcoming Disney+ original series is just the latest example of The Full Monty’s widespread appeal. A few years after the movie was released came a Broadway musical, which would go on to earn a slew of Tony nominations, including Best Musical. Beaufoy also adapted it into a play, which won the UK Theatre Award for Best Touring Production.

The original The Full Monty was nominated for four Academy Awards, including Best Picture. It would go on to win Best Original Score. Two years after its release, the British Film Institute named it the 25th greatest British film ever, even edging out classics like Doctor Zhivago, Monty Python’s Life of Brian and Withnail and I–now that’s a movie we want to see Disney take on!

The Full Monty takes the stage on June 14th.

Are you looking forward to The Full Monty series? Do you think those that loved the movie will tune in?

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