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Thirst trailer: Eric Owen of Black Pistol Fire makes directorial debut with psychological thriller

Thirst trailer: Eric Owen of Black Pistol Fire makes directorial debut with psychological thriller

Trailer: Eric Owen, the drummer from the rock duo Black Pistol Fire, has written and directed a psychological thriller called Thirst

The rock duo Black Pistol Fire is made up of guitarist/lead vocalist Kevin McKeown and drummer Eric Owen – and today, Gravitas Ventures has given Owen’s directorial debut, the psychological thriller Thirst, a digital release! We have the film’s trailer embedded above to help you decide whether or not this is a movie you would like to check out. If it does look like something you’d want to watch, it can be found on Amazon at THIS LINK.

Also scripted by Owen, Thirst has the following synopsis: Insomnia spreads in a small town, causing fear and panic. As the situation becomes dire, two couples find salvation on an abandoned ranch until nefarious characters descend upon the land, claiming it as their own, and chaos ensues.

The film stars Brian Villalobos (Love & Death) and newcomer Lori Kovacevich alongside Michael Gmur (Book Club), Federica Estaba Rangel (Last Girl Standing), Scotty Walker (Spring Breakdown), P. Michael Hayes II (Lost Soulz), Brian Cogley (Attention Attention), Sarah Jack (Brothers Keeper), Cynthia Fray (No Loss, No Gain), Stephanie Slayton (Empty Nester’s Handbook), and a trio of newcomers: Amelia Glazner, Brandie Louck, and Taylor C. Wallace.

Owen produced Thirst with Josh Taylor, with Clay Barron serving as associate producer. Owen composed the score for the film as well.

I’ll admit that I’m out of the loop and hadn’t heard about Black Pistol Fire before Gravitas Ventures announced they’d be releasing a thriller that was written and directed by the drummer from the duo, but Thirst seems to me like it might make for an interesting viewing experience, so I’m willing to check it out at some point.

Back in 2018, the Black Pistol Fire songs “Lost Cause” and “Bully” reached number one and number five, respectively, on Canadian rock radio.

What did you think of the trailer for Thirst? Will you be watching this movie now that it has received a digital release? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

While scrolling down, take a look at the poster for Thirst, which features a close-up of a man who appears to be having a very bad day:

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