Home Entertainment News Transmission: Mike Hurst’s channel surfing horror film heads to FrightFest

Transmission: Mike Hurst’s channel surfing horror film heads to FrightFest

Transmission: Mike Hurst’s channel surfing horror film heads to FrightFest

Mike Hurst, director of House of the Dead 2 and Pumpkinhead 4, is back with a channel surfing horror movie called Transmission

Over the last couple decades, director Mike Hurst has brought us several genre films – House of the Dead 2, Room 6, The Darkroom, Pumpkinhead 4: Blood Feud, Paradox – and his latest is a self-financed labor of love he has been working on for the last four years. It’s called Transmission, and it has been officially accepted into the Pigeon Shrine FrightFest festival that’s set to be held in London from August 24th through 28th. In anticipation of Transmission‘s FrightFest screening, we’ve gotten our hands on the trailer for the film, and you can check it out in the embed above!

Here’s how Hurst described the film: “Basically the whole movie takes place on a TV screen as we channel-surf late at night, slowly realizing that the different stories on the different channels are actually all connected, all parts of the same horrific story…” As the viewer flips through the channels, we see things like a live TV news report about a home invasion, a documentary about a missing film director, and an old sci-fi horror movie. Exactly how they’re connected isn’t clear, but we’re assured that they are “really parts of a much bigger, terrifying story containing footage that must never be shown…”

Vernon Wells, Felissa Rose, Dave Sheridan, Sadie Katz, Sheri Davis, Jessica Cameron, and Jennifer Nangle star.

Hurst provided The Hollywood News with the following statement: “After 20 years making what you might call solid B-pictures, as well as a few TV episodes, I decided to try and make something that no producer would ever ‘let’ me do normally. I was determined to make a bolder and weirder and hopefully more original film, one that’s told in a format that hadn’t been done before. Because the project was so risky I decided to self-finance it, partly by using money I’d made writing a script for the legendary Roger Corman. Then I teamed up with an enthusiastic group of fellow filmmakers in LA to do it. Despite years of hard work and stress it was still the most creatively fulfilling time I’ve had in my career. Now I’m really excited (and nervous!) that Transmission is going to be a part of the great Frightest festival.

Transmission sounds very interesting to me and I look forward to finding out how everything that gets channel surfed through is connected, and what story is being told.

Does Transmission seem like a movie you would want to check out? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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