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We Might Hurt Each Other trailer: the first slasher movie from Lithuania is now on Screambox

We Might Hurt Each Other trailer: the first slasher movie from Lithuania is now on Screambox

A trailer has been released for Lithuania’s first slasher movie, We Might Hurt Each Other, now on the Screambox service

Drawing inspiration from classics like Friday the 13th, filmmaker Jonas Trukanas has made his narrative feature debut with the slasher movie We Might Hurt Each Other (you might also see it referred to as Rupintojelis or Pensive) – which also happens to have been the first slasher movie to be made in Lithuania! It’s good to see another country finally catch up on the awesomeness of producing slasher movies. We Might Hurt Each Other has now been released through the Screambox streaming service as a Screambox original, and you can watch a trailer for the film in the embed above.

I was given the heads-up on this project by my colleague Mike Conway, who thought it might be right up my alley due to the fact that Friday the 13th is my favorite horror franchise. And he was correct. I’m always hoping to find another good slasher movie to watch, one that can hopefully come close to reaching the heights the sub-genre was at in the ’80s, and this looks like one I would love to check out.

Scripted by Trukanas and Titas Laucius, who were also inspired by local legends, We Might Hurt Each Other has the following synopsis: After classmates destroy life-size wooden folk art statues during a wild high school graduation party at a remote cottage, a mysterious killer starts picking them off one by one.

The film stars Sarunas Rapolas Meliesius, Gabija Bargailaite, Marius Repsys, Donatas Simukauskas, Kipras Masidlauskas, Povilas Jatkevicius, Martynas Berulis, Justinas Gircys, Inga Puriuskyte, and Saule Rasimaite. It was produced by Emilija Sluskonyte.

What did you think of the trailer for We Might Hurt Each Other? Does this look like a movie you would want to see? Let us know by leaving a comment below – and while you’re at it, mention the titles of some of your favorite slasher movies. Are you a fan of the likes of Friday the 13th, Sleepaway Camp, Madman, The Burning, etc.?

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