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WHAM! trailer: Whamania comes to Netflix’s in-depth documentary about the legendary pop band

WHAM! trailer: Whamania comes to Netflix’s in-depth documentary about the legendary pop band

Netflix’s WHAM! trailer brings fans of the iconic pop band back to the 1980s for an in-depth look at their early lives and career.


If you need something to wake you up before you go-go, check out Netflix‘s new WHAM trailerThe upcoming documentary grants fans of the ’80s pop band unprecedented access to both George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley’s personal archives, including never-before-seen footage, and previously unheard interviews, WHAM! charts in their own words the four-year journey from teenage school friends to global superstars.

Today’s WHAM trailer presents a bold look at the band readers of Teen Beat and Bravo magazine could not get enough of in the 1980s. The documentary explores the band’s genesis from teen sensations to icons of the LGBT community. In a time when synth arrangements and big hair were all the rage, WHAM! brought a unique energy to the table with their lineup of catchy pop songs and swaggy dance moves.

Here’s the official synopsis for Netflix’s WHAM! documentary:

In 1982, the best of friends and still teenagers – George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley as WHAM! set out to conquer the world. By June of 1986 they played their very last gig at Wembley Stadium having done exactly that. Now for the very first time, told in their own words, the amazing story of how in four years they dominated the charts around the world with timeless and classic pop songs. Hit after hit – Club Tropicana, Wake Me Up Before You Go Go, Freedom, I’m Your Man and of course Last Christmas. Their time in the spotlight was white-hot, becoming the very first western pop act to play in China.It was a time that both encapsulated and epitomised not just their youth, but also those of the many millions of fans that adored them. With unprecedented access to both George and Andrew’s personal archive including remarkable and never-before-seen footage, alongside rare, candid and previously unheard interviews, WHAM! charts their incredible journey from school friends to superstars.

I’ll always remember when WHAM! reigned supreme on the music scene. My sister was a big fan, and I often heard their hits blasting from behind her bedroom door. I remember the night she and my mother came home from seeing the band live in concert. You’d think they’d witnessed the second coming.

What do you think about Netflix’s WHAM trailer? What secrets will the presentation unearth? Will there ever be a band like WHAM! again? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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