Home Health News AI-Powered Pre-Authorization Advances Administrative Efficiency in Radiology

AI-Powered Pre-Authorization Advances Administrative Efficiency in Radiology

AI-Powered Pre-Authorization Advances Administrative Efficiency in Radiology
Gravity by Alpha Nodus Automates 80 Percent of Authorizations Within Seconds

Alpha Nodus, a leader in advanced AI healthcare solutions, today announced enhancements to Gravity, the company's prior authorization tool that automates 80 percent of authorizations within seconds, accelerating the patient journey and increasing revenue by automating redundant processes, reducing errors, and eliminating case backlogs. 

Gravity for prior authorization automates the time-consuming process of evaluating patient information for reimbursement. What typically takes days to weeks to process is done within seconds, leaving just the exceptions for staff to manually process. Alpha Nodus released its latest version of Gravity with a new user interface, allowing clients to use data to optimize efficiencies. The solution integrates with Radiology Information Systems (RIS) and has a zero-footprint deployment.

Typically, the process for prior authorization is a tedious manual process. Oftentimes staff need to match disparate information sent by referring physicians and insurance guidelines to determine patient eligibility for a prescribed procedure. This is a time-consuming process, delaying patient care.

Gravity pursues prior authorizations from payors and updates clients' RIS statuses and insurance fields. The latest version delivers a user interface designed specifically for enabling staff and AI to work cooperatively. The cloud portal provides hybrid views of information that both prior authorization and insurance verification teams want. Rather than moving between RIS and payor portals with exploratory workarounds, staff can remain in one application that is honed for their tasks. Additionally, Gravity bundles information in new ways. For example, if staff must make a lengthy call to an insurance carrier, Gravity automatically suggests other appointments needing attention from the same carrier. Leveraging AI to aggregate RIS and insurance information into a format that is designed for prior authorization teams is a first in the industry. 

Alpha Nodus recently deployed Gravity with the latest enhancements at Houston MRI & Diagnostic Imaging. "We are very pleased with how easily the new software was deployed and how quickly it integrated with our existing systems," says Melissa Copeland, Senior Director of Operations. Copeland adds, "We're really looking forward to the new dashboard functionality to further optimize our efficiency and be able to best integrate the AI functionality with our staff."

"We have been using AI technology for several years to entirely automate the routine tasks in prior authorizations, and now it has evolved to put AI tools directly in the hands of staff," said Shamit Patel, CEO at Alpha Nodus. "The automated process significantly reduces workloads and this new interface targets the remaining exceptions."

About Alpha Nodus

Alpha Nodus was founded with the mission of accelerating patient care. The company uses AI to remove barriers that delay prior authorization and patient scheduling. Gravity removes pain points for both healthcare administrators and patients by automating time-consuming redundant processes, providing deep analytics for identifying operational efficiencies, as well as making care easily accessible for patients. To learn more about Alpha Nodus, visit us at www.alphanodus.com

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