Home Health News AMC Health Advances the Remote Management of Diabetes Through CGM Data Integration

AMC Health Advances the Remote Management of Diabetes Through CGM Data Integration

AMC Health Advances the Remote Management of Diabetes Through CGM Data Integration
Virtual Care Solution Integrates Critical Data from Popular Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems

AMC Health is now able to seamlessly integrate critical data from the Dexcom G5, G6, and G7 continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) systems into its industry-leading virtual care solution. This major advance in the remote management of diabetes provides a more comprehensive and timelier picture of a patient’s condition and expands the population of patients who qualify for virtual care. 

“It is very exciting that this enhancement will enable a far greater proportion of patients with diabetes — particularly type 1s — to benefit from the whole-patient, virtual care management enjoyed by enrollees of our solutions,” said Nesim Bildirici, CEO of AMC Health. “Now the care teams of these individuals can more seamlessly marry the remote management of their cardiovascular, behavioral, social, and other comorbid issues with the remote management of their diabetes. We look forward to tracking outcomes to demonstrate how much comprehensive virtual care can further the well-being of patients who use a CGM device.” 

As part of AMC Health’s drive to incorporate a broader array of continuous monitoring technologies, this new capability vastly enhances the breadth and quality of data that AMC Health can collect from patients who have been prescribed CGM, which includes not only patients with type 1 diabetes but also a growing number of type 2 patients. Data collected from CGM devices can now be analyzed in concert with all other information collected and analyzed in CareConsole® — claims and laboratory data, data from other physiometric and medication monitoring technologies, and survey data — to provide a much fuller picture of a patient’s health. 

Integrating the CGM data is seamless for all stakeholders. Summary data for the past 24 hours is automatically fed into CareConsole without any patient intervention needed. Listed below are the data types captured. 

  • Daily estimated glucose value (EGV) averages (last 24 hours) 
  • High and low EGV readings for the past 24 hours 
  • The most recent EGV alert reading 
  • Time of the alert reading and its transmission 

The integration helps to improve the delivery of efficient, timely, and informed care through greater detail and context. 

Greater detail: Alerts prompt the remote care manager to work with the patient to access data from the Dexcom Clarity app, which tracks glucose trends in greater detail. 

Greater context: The Clarity report, which the patient can easily share with clinical team members, provides context for clinical coaches to help patients understand how diet, medication, and other behaviors affect glycemic control. 

Greater opportunities: Daily and weekly patterns also can be used to identify mitigation opportunities. 

This product enhancement also significantly increases the number of patients that AMC Health can help at every step of their care journey. Individuals in need of continuous monitoring of their blood sugars, especially those who are insulin-dependent, typically have been excluded from virtual care programs. With this new integration, however, AMC Health can now help these patients heal safely and effectively at home. 

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