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Cardone Ventures, Co-Founded by Grant Cardone and Brandon Dawson, Partners With Flawless Smiles Dentistry

Cardone Ventures, Co-Founded by Grant Cardone and Brandon Dawson, Partners With Flawless Smiles Dentistry
This brand-new partnership brings massive growth, scaling, and wealth-creation opportunities for both businesses.

Cardone Ventures and their dental management company, 10X Dental, are proud to announce their most recent partnership with Flawless Smiles Dentistry—owned and operated by Dr. Ali Torabi. The collaboration between these companies aims to provide massive growth and scaling opportunities for the dental operators within their network, thus continuing the national rollout of the 10X Dental management company. 

Dr. Ali Torabi's goal has always been to help change lives. He started his practice back in 2008, opening his first location in Claremore, OK. Since then, he's learned how to optimize systems and processes that have made him more efficient, thus allowing him to open up a second location in 2019. His ultimate dream is to make the jobs of other dentists easier by mentoring them, helping them, and showing them the steps they can take to overcome their struggles as new practitioners in the field. 

"Thanks to Brandon Dawson and his team, I've been able to grow and scale myself to limits I never thought possible," Says Dr. Torabi. "My goals are massive, and with the 10X Dental team on our side, I know we'll accomplish great things."

The dedication, drive, and passion Dr. Torabi has for helping other dentists grow is what got the attention of billionaire business moguls Grant Cardone and Brandon Dawson. "Our intent is to disrupt and 10X the dental space with the help of Flawless Smiles Dentistry," says Brandon Dawson, CEO of Cardone Ventures. "We're excited to work with a business partner who understands that working together makes us stronger as we build our world-class national organization."

By partnering with Grant, Brandon, and the Cardone Ventures 10X Dental team, Dr. Ali Torabi is getting set up for success and gearing toward massive growth. Taking what Grant and Brandon know about marketing, sales, and real estate, what Brandon knows about business, leadership, and scaling, and what Dr. Torabi knows about the dental industry, they have the ability to grow in profits exponentially. As a result, this will effectively continue the national rollout of the 10X Dental management company within Cardone Ventures. 

With the right foundations in place, the elements they need to support the growth of their business, and the 10X brand behind them in support, there's no telling how far Flawless Smiles Dentistry will go.

About Cardone Ventures: Cardone Ventures is a business consulting company founded by Grant Cardone and Brandon Dawson that helps business owners attain their personal, professional, and financial goals. Together, they help business owners experience their company from a 360-degree perspective, including operations, marketing, finance, and people. Cardone Ventures' focus is to help entrepreneurs grow from $2 million to $500 million+ and 10X all aspects of their business. The brand new Cardone Ventures Scottsdale Headquarters is located at 4800 N Scottsdale Rd. Suite 5500, Scottsdale, AZ 85251. For more information on Cardone Ventures, visit: https://www.cardoneventures.com

About Flawless Smiles Dentistry: The doctors and team at Flawless Smile Dentistry in both Claremore and Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, provide an amazing dental experience while keeping it accessible and affordable. They offer their patients exceptional care and service in cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, Invisalign clear braces, family and general dentistry, and so much more. They even offer sedation dentistry to those who have dental anxiety. They serve patients in and around the Tulsa area, including the cities of Claremore, Broken Arrow, Catoosa, Coweta, Owasso, and Pryor, OK. For more information, visit: https://flawlesssmiledentistry.com.

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