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CLS Health Empowers Physicians with Operational Support

CLS Health Empowers Physicians with Operational Support
CLS Health, the largest physician-owned and physician-led organization in Houston with more than 33 locations, emphasizes the satisfaction and empowerment of its physicians as a key element in delivering exceptional patient care.

CLS Health offers a model that has been strategically designed to help preserve physicians’ autonomy and prevent staff burnout. The multispecialty group addresses many unique, complex issues faced by independent physicians, including high operational costs, patient satisfaction, value-based care, collecting payments, and hiring/retaining qualified staff.  

As a multispecialty group, CLS Health provides an operational management support and resource program to empower physicians in providing patient care. It allows physicians to channel their focus on delivering quality healthcare without the burden of administrative duties. Dr. Abdul Moosa, Primary Care, states, “I did not become a physician to be corporate, I became a physician for people, and I want to maintain that happiness.” 

CLS Health aspires to transform private practices into profitable partnerships by guiding them through the transition to value-based care, enhancing financial viability, and ensuring sustained growth. The multispecialty group not only fosters a professional environment but also empowers physicians with financial autonomy.  

Dedicated to providing compassionate, comprehensive, and patient-centric healthcare, CLS Health places the well-being and needs of patients at the forefront. By fostering collaboration across disciplines, the multispecialty group strives for comprehensive care that leads to optimal patient outcomes. The patient-centric approach empowers healthcare providers to deliver exceptional care while fostering a sense of ownership in their roles. 

The flexibility shown by a multispecialty group such as CLS Health stands out meticulously because it is designed to cater to the unique needs of each medical practice.  

CLS Health emphasizes physician ownership, reserving this distinction exclusively for its physicians. Notably, CLS Health ensures care through the continuum, maintaining control over the entire patient journey — from primary care offices to specialists, hospitals, ICUs, LTAC, SNFs, and nursing homes. 

CLS Health multispecialty group’s mission aims to reshape the landscape of independent medical practices. By effectively addressing administrative challenges, fostering professional autonomy, and intensifying its focus on patient care, CLS Health stands at the forefront of redefining healthcare. 

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