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DEXIS Shares Top 4 Ways AI Will Impact Dentistry in 2024

DEXIS Shares Top 4 Ways AI Will Impact Dentistry in 2024
The leader in dental imaging technology sees artificial intelligence already in place at innovative dental practices. 

Artificial intelligence is everywhere this year and is having an especially large impact on dentistry. With the first four months of 2024 complete, DEXIS, a technology leader in dental imaging, has identified four leading trends in AI and dentistry that are already having an impact on dental care.  

Wouter Mollemans, Head of Software Development at DEXIS, notes, “At DEXIS, we believe technology is always in service to dental practitioners, supplementing their skills, experience, and relationship with their patients."   

"Overall, I see a growing integration of AI technologies across various aspects of dental practices, from diagnosis and treatment planning to education and research,” Mollemans said. “I expect to see more specialized advancements specific to each branch or specialty within dentistry – implants, endodontics, orthodontics, restorative dentistry, and more.”  

Mollemans has four predictions for dentistry AI trends in 2024:   

AI Imaging Analysis: AI algorithms analyze dental radiographs, CT scans, digital impressions, and intraoral photos. Mollemans says the results assist dentists in more efficient diagnosis, treatment planning, and oral health monitoring.   

These functions are built into the DEXIS ecosystem’s imaging hub, DTX Studio™ Clinic, making it the first on-premise dental imaging system with assisted intelligence tools that can concurrently identify common dental findings on 2D radiographs. These dental findings include: caries, calculus, periapical radiolucency, root canal filling deficiency, discrepancy at margin of an existing restoration and bone loss. Moreover, DTX Studio Clinic automatically analyzes any loaded CBCT scan to set up diagnostic workspaces and trace the mandibular nerve canals.  

Predictive Analytics: AI was developed to analyze so-called “big data” to spot patterns and make recommendations.   

In dentistry, Mollemans notes, AI-powered software can analyze patients’ case histories to improve dental practices’ workflow efficiency – identifying the number of missed caries, performing automated image IQ checks, and more.  In the future, refinements to dental AI may be able to forecast a patient’s potential to develop conditions such as gum disease and possibly help dentists begin care and treatment earlier.  

Integrated AI Workflows: Mollemans sees early-adopter dental practices already incorporating functions into hardware, like digital imaging equipment, that will allow their software to execute crucial AI-driven tasks. This should allow dentists to spend less time on straightforward steps and more time on things that really matter – for example, spending less time to load a CBCT scan affords more time for diagnosis and treatment planning. “This will be one of the key elements to discover and explore as a dentist in 2024,” Mollemans said.  

DTX Studio Clinic incorporates AI tools that simplify dental practitioners’ work. For example, SmartFusion™ fuses cone-beam CT scans (CBCT) with intraoral scan data, creating a 3D view of the underlying anatomy and providing deeper visibility to diagnose and treat.  

Ongoing AI investment: DEXIS has already made significant investments into developing dental-specific AI technologies, and Mollemans sees patients as the big winners in this scenario. 

“Assisted intelligence in dental imaging can improve patient outcomes, streamline diagnosis through treatment, and enhance the overall delivery and predictability of dental care,” Mollemans said. “But it can’t just be technology for technology’s sake. At DEXIS, we always think about how technology can help patients and practitioners.”  

About DEXIS  
DEXIS has been a global leading brand in digital radiography for 70+ years. Today, DEXIS has brought together the most trusted brands in 3D imaging, intraoral scanning solutions, and diagnostic software to provide patients with a complete digital diagnostic solution under a brand name. Our innovative award-winning technology enhances how the patient is diagnosed, accelerates the workflow, and delivers simple treatment paths with better patient outcomes. For more information, please visit https://www.dexis.com.  

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