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Diverge Health Launched to Build Upon a Decade of Experience Serving Underserved Patients in New York

Diverge Health Launched to Build Upon a Decade of Experience Serving Underserved Patients in New York
City Health Works' success in New York drives national movement to support providers serving low-income patients.

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Today, Binoy Bhansali, Manmeet Kaur and Anne Robinson announced the formation of Diverge Health - a new value-based care company that comprehensively supports primary care providers to better serve patients on Medicaid.

The company is building off the success of New York-based City Health Works, founded by Kaur in 2012 to partner with primary care practices and deploy local community health worker-led, technology-enabled health coaching services to high-needs patients. Patients enrolled in the program saw a greater than 45 percent reduction in year-over-year cost of care, a 50 percent reduction in emergency room visits, and significant clinical improvements overall while boasting a net promoter score of 90. 

"Having spent the last decade proving that City Health Works' model delivers extraordinary results for patients, our workforce and clinic partners, it is a privilege to join Diverge Health and build upon this success," said Manmeet Kaur, co-founder and chief population health officer at Diverge Health. "I'm excited to partner with a deeply experienced set of colleagues to meaningfully scale and adapt City Health Works' solution across the nation."

In 2023, Diverge Health acquired the intellectual property of City Health Works. The company will take lessons learned from City Health Works and deploy its model as a component of a broader offering to primary care providers in multiple markets this year. 

"Healthcare providers that support the most vulnerable populations in our country require a different model to be able to holistically address patients' needs," said Anne Robinson, chief people and network development officer at Diverge Health. "I am thrilled to be able to leverage my past experiences in risk-based primary care to be a part of an organization that affords these providers the resources required to best engage patients in their health journeys."

Robinson joins Diverge Health from VillageMD, where she most recently served as executive vice president of growth and led a team that delivered a 400 percent increase of VillageMD's provider network in one year. Anne also spent five years as VillageMD's chief people officer, where she expanded an early, founding team to more than 6,500 employees during her tenure.

"We are grateful to have an opportunity to build an impactful organization that serves practices and patients across the country," said Binoy Bhansali, co-founder and chief executive officer of Diverge Health. "Primary care providers serving low-income patients have the toughest of jobs. They are doing their best to care for a high-needs population without adequate infrastructure to fully support patients' needs. Many don't have the financial wherewithal to take on value-based contracts with health plans. Diverge Health was built to serve these practices. We equip them with highly trained community health teams, clinical solutions and data to produce better outcomes for their patients." 

Prior to founding Diverge Health, Bhansali headed diversification efforts at SCAN, a $4+ billion nonprofit healthcare organization serving older adults across the country. In partnership with the company's leadership and corporate development teams, he helped spearhead SCAN's combination with CareOregon alongside entry into the Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), in-home primary care, in-home chronic disease management and street medicine for individuals experiencing homelessness. Bhansali also served as a partner at venture capital firm Sandbox Industries, where he invested in healthcare services companies focused on serving low-income patient populations. 

Diverge Health is backed by well-known healthcare venture funds, including Triple Aim Partners and GV (Google Ventures).

About Diverge

Founded in 2022, Diverge Health supports primary care providers to extend their reach and better serve vulnerable patients. For more information, visit divergecares.com.

About Triple Aim Partners

Triple Aim Partners builds healthcare companies that improve the quality, experience and total cost of healthcare in partnership with outstanding entrepreneurs. Since 2019, the organization has co-founded and launched seven impactful companies. Visit tripleaim.com to learn more.


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