Home Health News HF Software Solutions Plans to Expand Services in California in 2024

HF Software Solutions Plans to Expand Services in California in 2024

HF Software Solutions Plans to Expand Services in California in 2024

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Leveraging its proven process and fueled by the company's steadfast commitment to supporting value-based care, HF Software Solutions (HFSS) is poised to expand its services in the California market in 2024. The company anticipates substantial growth across key pillars, including the product platform, client experience, and market expansion.

HF Software Solutions is the parent company of HealthFocus, a population health platform designed to support physician and physician-hospital organizations. HealthFocus facilitates organizational growth into value-based care by aggregating data across diverse healthcare settings, providing consolidated insights into clinical quality, cost of care, and population risk in a timely and easily digestible format, ultimately enhancing outcomes for patients, providers, and networks.

The HealthFocus registry offers insights into various facets of a patient's care. It enables the monitoring of high-level quality and financial performance, identification of specific patient sub-populations to drive intervention and care campaigns, and engagement with longitudinal data within a patient's point-of-care page.

HealthFocus originated from a Michigan-based physician organization in 2018 and currently supports 11 physician organizations across the state, covering over 1,000,000 patient lives. HealthFocus collaborates with organizations with a vested interest in the value-based care sector, including physician organizations, independent physician associations, accountable care organizations, health systems, and health plans. While the specific needs of these entities may vary, HealthFocus has developed a dynamic solution that adeptly meets these diverse requirements. The company is dedicated to understanding practical physician organization needs and takes pride in maintaining exceptionally high customer satisfaction.

In 2022, HFSS initiated a partnership with CCHC, a federally qualified health center operating across five community health centers in Los Angeles and the San Francisco Valley. CCHC's vision is to enhance access to high-quality health and wellness services.

“Our commitment to tracking clinical quality measures to support value-based care aligns seamlessly with this vision, making it an ideal partnership. Over the past year, we have worked diligently to support CCHC's mission and have now decided to expand further into the California market based on the program's resounding success,” said James Morris, CEO of HealthFocus.

“The California market presents an opportunity for us to evaluate the compatibility of our existing models beyond our home state. While the market structure may differ, the imperative to effectively manage the care of large patient populations remains consistent. We are fortunate to collaborate with a partner deeply invested in measurable outcomes for their patients. As more data becomes available, HealthFocus eagerly anticipates demonstrating the same value generation as we've observed in the Michigan market.” - Ted Dacko, Board member HealthFocus

To learn more about HealthFocus, visit our website, healthfocus.io

To learn more about our client experiences, you can read our case studies from Huron Valley Practice AffiliatesAscension St Mary's PHO, and Great Lakes PO.   

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