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Hoag Hospital and Imagene Partner to Empower Rapid Cancer Diagnosis for Personalized Cancer Care

Hoag Hospital and Imagene Partner to Empower Rapid Cancer Diagnosis for Personalized Cancer Care
Leveraging AI-based molecular profiling from a digitized biopsy image to enable physicians to gain immediate oncology intelligence.

Hoag, the largest community-based healthcare system in southern California, and Imagene, an emerging leader in the field of AI-based precision oncology, are pleased to announce their strategic collaboration aimed at transforming molecular diagnosis and advancing personalized cancer care. The transformative research brings together Hoag's commitment to delivering world-class, personalized, and accessible healthcare, with Imagene's expertise in rapid AI-based molecular profiling, paving the way for merging new technologies within the clinical workflows.

By harnessing the power of AI-based molecular profiling to research the impact on improving turnaround time and personalized treatments, Hoag furthers its healthcare innovation leadership for the purpose of improving the delivery of cancer patient care and outcomes. One of the primary goals of the collaboration is to leverage advanced technologies' seamless integration to increase health equity by making fast and accurate molecular profiling accessible to more patients. 

Dr. David R. Braxton, Chief of Molecular Pathology Services at Hoag Family Cancer Institute and Principal Investigator for the study, is optimistic and excited about the potential findings derived from AI-based digital biomarker detection in cancer patients. "Traditional molecular biomarker testing is expensive and can take weeks for patients to receive their results. Imagene's AI-based biomarker detection shows great promise for significantly reducing the waiting time for patients to begin targeted therapies," says Dr. Braxton. "I expect that this kind of technology can be deployed into every hospital in the U.S. and lead to better and earlier cancer care for patients no matter where they live," he adds.

The partnership aims to overcome the current complexities associated with cancer diagnosis and explore the advancements AI-based molecular profiling can offer. By combining Imagene's technology expertise with Hoag's access to community patients, advanced digital lab services, and clinical diagnostic footprint, this collaboration demonstrates real promise for the future of personalized cancer care and achieving the goals of precision medicine.

"We are excited to collaborate with Hoag, a leading community-based hospital that shares our vision of making molecular profiling accessible to all patients who need it," says Dean Bitan, Co-founder and CEO of Imagene. "By working together, we aim to prove the value of rapid molecular testing that empowers medical teams to navigate the patient journey and make informed decisions related to the complex clinical junctions in cancer care."

Dr. Michael Brandt-Zawadzki, Senior Physician Executive at Hoag, states that "Hoag is committed to enhance community access to highly novel, cutting-edge medical technologies, including Imagene's. Hoag's innovation hub serves as a clinical test bed to accelerate AI/software development from premise to practice, and to support FDA approval and commercialization of life-saving innovation for cancer care." 

With over 80% of cancer patients in the U.S. choosing to get treatment in community-based settings for more personalized and convenient care, the collaboration between Imagene and Hoag provides a real-world setting to demonstrate the impact of innovative technologies on advancing community-based cancer care. 

About Hoag:

Hoag is a nonprofit, regional healthcare delivery system in Orange County, California. Delivering world-class, comprehensive, personalized care, Hoag consists of 1,800 top physicians, 15 urgent care facilities, 10 health & wellness centers, and two award-winning hospitals. Hoag offers a comprehensive blend of healthcare services that includes seven institutes providing specialized services in the following areas: cancer, digestive health, heart and vascular, neurosciences, spine, women's health, and orthopedics through Hoag's affiliate, Hoag Orthopedic Institute, which consists of an orthopedic hospital and four ambulatory surgical centers. Hoag is the highest-ranked hospital in Orange County by U.S. News & World Report and the only OC hospital ranked in the Top 10 in California, as well as a designated Magnet® hospital by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). For more information, visit hoag.org.

About Imagene:

Imagene is an emerging leader in AI-based precision oncology leveraging AI to profile, within minutes, a broad range of cancer biomarkers from a digitized biopsy image alone. Imagene empowers physicians with immediate oncology intelligence to ensure optimal treatment for all cancer patients. Our success derives from our cutting-edge technology and multidisciplinary team of data scientists, biologists, software engineers, and medical experts. With a commitment to scientific excellence and collaboration, Imagene is dedicated to advancing precision oncology and improving patient outcomes. For more information, visit imagene-ai.com 

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