Home Health News Patient Supply Recovery Strategy ‘PSRP’ Results in a 952% ROI

Patient Supply Recovery Strategy ‘PSRP’ Results in a 952% ROI

Patient Supply Recovery Strategy ‘PSRP’ Results in a 952% ROI

Patient Supply Recovery Strategy

Utilizing the RDS-32a, Rapid Decontamination System, combined with Supply Recovery Software, facilities can now instantly disinfect \"unopened\", \"unsoiled\" packaged supplies for safe handling.

The dramatic rise in the costs of patient supplies and equipment continues to put enormous pressure on the financial health of providers to adequately care for patients and communities. "The pandemic has clearly demonstrated that America cannot be strong without its hospitals being strong." (ICT, Pollack 2022) TMG Health Technologies recently received feedback from an Infection Control Manager at an Alabama children's hospital advising that a 952% ROI was achieved through implementation of the "PSRP" Patient Supply Recovery Program using TMG's products. 

Many cost-containment strategies are being discussed, but one strategy in particular offers documented results. Recently, the Critical Care Nurse Manager of the ICU and Infection Control Manager* realized that the practice of discarding unopened patient supplies left in the room after patient transfer or discharge had a direct impact on inventory shortages, department budgets, supply and disposal costs. 

"Having a two-year history utilizing the RDS 32a Rapid UVC Decontamination disinfecting health electronics, devices and non-critical patient tools, we already knew it was an effective and reliable solution for the disinfection of equipment. Upon review of the independent testing certifying High-Level Disinfection on soft surface, packaged tools and supplies and a Johns Hopkins study of a documented $387,000 patient supply savings in their ICU, we knew we could use the RDS for our own cost-savings strategy. Our NICU patient supply recovery program saved us $100,000 in supply costs in the first seven months," said the Infection Control Manager. 

The Infection Control Manager explained further: "We knew that the disposal of unused, unopened packaged supplies had direct costs in terms of purchase value, but learned there are indirect costs associated with their disposal and the hospital's environmental burden. The ability to efficiently disinfect multiple items simultaneously in a single 30-second cycle within the department, retain the budget savings, and restock the item to inventory couldn't be easier. We were able to achieve a 952% ROI on the RDS-32a system we already owned, and the program was easy to implement. With these savings confirmed, our executive team plans to expand this program to other patient areas. Imagine what a 5% savings in supply cost would mean to anyone's facility." 

Now more than ever, healthcare needs innovative strategies to achieve cost containment and expense reduction. Manual disinfection of typical supply items is not feasible due to high volume, complex shapes and structure, labor time, the reliance on the operator to ensure adequate coverage and "wet-time" of the disinfectant ("Human Error" Factor). The RDS-32a Rapid UVC Decontamination System will disinfect these unused, unopened patient supplies in 30 seconds for immediate dollar-for-dollar savings. Additional savings are realized on disposal costs and cleaning supplies. For more information on this Patient Supply Recovery Program, contact TMG Health Technologies at TMGHealthTech.com or 888-443-1528.

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