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Peregrine Health Services Launches with Leading Experts in Emergency Department, Trauma Center Management

Peregrine Health Services Launches with Leading Experts in Emergency Department, Trauma Center Management
Consultancy has established track record of working with healthcare organizations to improve processes, efficiency, quality of care.

Peregrine Health Services, LLC, a team of nationally recognized nurse leaders with a proven track record of optimizing emergency department and trauma center performance, has launched as an independent consulting firm after its emergence from healthcare technology leader Philips.

Peregrine's experts provide facilitation in implementing best practices that lead to improved operational, clinical and financial performance. They also assist healthcare organizations during executive transitions by providing department leadership and hands-on operational support, as well as Peregrine's trademark guidance in process and performance improvement.

While Peregrine officially launched in early 2023, its roots in healthcare improvement date to 2006 with the creation of Blue Jay Consulting, which built a reputation for excellence in quality implementation and leadership services for emergency departments. Philips Healthcare Transformation Services acquired Blue Jay Consulting in 2015, expanding its resources and capabilities and building the core of the now-independent Peregrine Health Services.

"The Peregrine team has been helping healthcare organizations achieve excellence for more than a decade and has a demonstrated history of working with emergency departments and trauma centers to implement true, sustainable change," said Mark Feinberg, CEO and managing partner of Peregrine Health Systems.

"Our advisors are not just consultants reading from a playbook. They are nurse leaders who have worked in and directed emergency departments and trauma programs," Feinberg said. "They know every organization is different and respect those differences. They carefully assess each client as a unique case, develop improvement recommendations, and work hands-on with the facility's leadership and staff to help them achieve peak efficiency, quality of care and patient and staff experience."

Peregrine's core advisory team is JoAnn Lazarus, senior vice president of training and development, and Angela Chisolm and Beth Fuller, managing partners. All have extensive experience in their respective fields and are the recipients of some of the highest honors and recognitions in the nursing profession.

Lazarus oversees training and development of client leadership and staff for Peregrine. She previously was a principal and lead for emergency department operations consulting for Philips Healthcare Transformation Services, responsible for workflow optimization and interim leadership solutions. She held a similar position, vice president for emergency services, at Blue Jay Consulting before its acquisition by Philips. She is a Fellow of the Academy of Emergency Nursing, a Certified Emergency Nurse, Past President of the Emergency Nurses Association and has a master's degree in nursing.

Chisolm heads Peregrine's Trauma Consulting Services group. She held a similar role for the Philips consultancy division and previously served as a division assistant vice president overseeing trauma services for HCA Healthcare's East and West Florida divisions, where she was responsible for six trauma centers and led advancement of a Level II trauma center to Level I and to American College of Surgeons verification. She served as vice president of the Trauma Center Association of America, is a certified Trauma Certified Registered Nurse and Certified Flight Registered Nurse, and has an MBA in healthcare management.

Fuller heads Peregrine's Emergency Consulting Services group. She was a principal with the Philips leadership team, consulting on emergency department optimization, and held a similar role with Blue Jay Consulting before its acquisition by Philips. Previously, Fuller directed trauma centers and emergency medical services at two hospitals and worked as a critical care flight nurse. She has a bachelor's degree in nursing, a master's degree in critical care and trauma nursing, and a doctorate in nursing practice and executive leadership. Her certifications include certified Critical Care Registered Nurse, Certified Flight Registered Nurse, Certified Emergency Nurse, and Nurse Executive, Advanced Certification.

"With our team's vast expertise and commitment to improving emergency and trauma care, Peregrine Health Services is uniquely qualified to help organizations streamline operations and enhance financial performance while simultaneously achieving clinical excellence," Feinberg said. "We help you achieve lasting, effective change that improves processes, people and the entire organization."

For more information, please visit https://peregrinehs.com/.

About Peregrine Health Services  

Peregrine Health Services, LLC is a specialized consulting firm dedicated to helping healthcare organizations optimize emergency department and trauma center performance. For more information, visit www.peregrinehs.com.

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