Home Health News Profile Plan Announces Integrative Support for Individuals Using Medications for Weight Loss

Profile Plan Announces Integrative Support for Individuals Using Medications for Weight Loss

Profile Plan Announces Integrative Support for Individuals Using Medications for Weight Loss
Profile Plan, a prominent health and weight management solutions provider, has announced the offering of custom-designed nutrition plans and behavioral support to aid individuals using anti-obesity medications (AOMs), commonly referred to as weight loss medications. This move aligns with the current trend towards more effective weight management strategies.

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As the weight management industry continues to evolve, AOMs, specifically a class of Glucagon-like-peptide-1 receptor agonists (GLP-1RAs), commonly known as GLP-1s, have shown substantial promise. Initially developed to treat Type 2 Diabetes, these medications have now become instrumental in the journey toward sustainable weight loss. 

"While GLP-1s are proving to be remarkably effective, it is crucial to pair these medications with a comprehensive lifestyle and nutritional program," says Alyssa Burnison, Director of Program & Nutrition at Profile Plan. "Medication alone isn't the single solution for long-term outcomes. The importance of lifestyle modification and nutritional considerations cannot be overstated." 

Profile Plan, which touts an average of 15% body weight loss for its members1, is uniquely positioned to support individuals using GLP-1s through their personalized coaching and programming services. This new approach will offer custom-designed plans to ensure essential nutritional intake and the preservation of lean body mass, particularly important due to the digestive side effects and decreased caloric intake that can occur with GLP-1 use. The program also emphasizes the importance of behavior change, including healthy eating, increased physical activity, and stress management, which are all critical factors in long-term weight management. 

As an established provider of best-in-class complementary nutrition and lifestyle programming solutions, Profile Plan members are experiencing an average weight loss of 34.5 pounds when following the plan for 12 months, along with an average savings of $1,500 in medical costs within that year.  

In conjunction with Profile Plan's holistic approach to weight management, physicians, healthcare systems, and other medication service providers, as well as the public, can be assured that those using or considering GLP-1s can improve weight loss outcomes, achieve long-term weight management, and enhance overall health.  

"Our mission is to provide a comprehensive solution to weight management, combining advanced medications like GLP-1s with individually tailored nutritional and lifestyle plans. We believe that our approach will make a significant difference in people's lives," shares Ryan Niparts, CEO. 

For more information about Profile Plan and its innovative protocol for GLP-1 users, please visit www.profileplan.com/glp1

About Profile Plan 

Profile Plan is a leading health and weight management solutions provider. Through personalized nutrition plans, one-on-one health coaching, and supportive technology, Profile Plan helps members create lifelong habits to promote improved health and sustainable weight management outcomes. Profile Plan's approach to weight management is simple, satisfying, and sustainable, ensuring quality nutrition intake, increased physical activity, and behavioral modification. To learn more, visit profileplan.com. 

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