Home Health News Unfiltered Discussions Podcast Delves Into Veterinary Industry With Unedited, Raw Discussions

Unfiltered Discussions Podcast Delves Into Veterinary Industry With Unedited, Raw Discussions

Unfiltered Discussions Podcast Delves Into Veterinary Industry With Unedited, Raw Discussions
Join industry experts chatting about their true feelings on the veterinary space.

Unfiltered Discussions is a group of veterinary industry professionals discussing field-related topics in an unstructured format. Topics are decided right before recording, and episodes are uploaded immediately with no editing. Listeners get to hear true opinions and share thoughts in the comments. 

Join Dr. Rob Trimble, Dr. Peter Weinstein, Kelly Baltzell, CEO of Beyond Indigo Pets, Sam Schopler, a veterinary student and veterinary technology consultant, Dr. Jules Benson, and Dr. Jessica Trimble each month as they discuss the latest industry buzz topic. 

These conversations leverage varied perspectives of new and experienced minds in the industry to analyze trends, initiatives, and changes that impact established businesses navigating the veterinary space, and young veterinary professionals and pet owners.

Sam Schopler states, "Helping build a tech company in veterinary medicine and now attending my 4th year of vet school, I have had the unique opportunity to witness the industry react to recent changes from multiple angles. Unfiltered Discussions exist because we need to be able to speak honestly and with unbridled intrigue about the fast-paced developments taking place around veterinary medicine."

Each episode will delve into topics like change management, post-pandemic socio-economic shifts impacting veterinary spending, the influx of new practices making the hiring marketplace more competitive, and more. 

According to Kelly Baltzell, "Unfiltered Discussions is a powerful space for people to explore concepts and ideas that go deeper than the conversations happening around specific topics in the veterinary field. Unfiltered Discussions dives deeper and ferrets out the underlying meaning behind opinions."

Unfiltered Discussions will release episodes monthly. You can listen to the first episode titled "Change Doesn't Have to Feel Like Torture" here

Unfiltered Discussions brings together experts from every facet of the veterinary field to give real thoughts on real industry topics. The esteemed panel of hosts includes:

Dr. Rob Trimble: veterinarian and co-founder of Fuzzy Pet Health. He is the former Executive Director for the Veterinary Entrepreneurship Academy and is currently the VP of Harbor for Suveto. 

Dr. Peter Weinstein: has been a veterinarian, a hospital owner, and president of Southern California VMA, California VMA, and Vet Partners. He has authored various publications and currently teaches business and finance at the Veterinary College of Western University of Health Sciences. 

Kelly Baltzell: is the President and CEO of Beyond Indigo Pets marketing agency. Her articles and speaking engagements have been seen in MWI and around the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the UK. Kelly recently launched VetMarketingTalk: an online community for sharing marketing strategies and building connections between veterinary industry professionals. 

Sam Schopler: As Director of Veterinary Alliances, Sam has helped grow PetDesk over the last eight years and is now in his last year of vet school at NCSU CVM. He is fascinated by how technology influences pet care and what that means for the future of veterinary medicine.

Dr. Jules Benson: is Nationwide's Chief Veterinary Officer and a strategic industry leader. He spent more than a decade in executive roles in the pet health insurance industry. He currently chairs the veterinary relations committee for the North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA), and serves on the Executive Board of the Veterinary Innovation Council (VIC) board, and the MentorVet Advisory Board.

Dr. Jessica Trimble: has been practicing veterinary medicine since 2013. She has worked in mixed and small animal clinical practice, general practice, urgent care, and house call settings. She is currently the Chief Veterinary Officer of Anipanion and advises veterinary start-ups.

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