Mimecast: How to Protect One’s Crypto From Phishing

Mimecast: How to Protect One’s Crypto From Phishing

NEW YORK - August 31, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

Cybercriminals have targeted the cryptocurrency community since bitcoin's inception, and many crypto owners are falling prey to schemes like phishing

What is phishing? 

Phishing is a digital crime where cybercriminals aim to steal a user's private information. Scammers deploy their attack by disguising themselves as trusted organizations or entities to trick a user into mindlessly handing over details like their Social Security number, credit card information, bank credentials, and in this case, crypto wallet details. 

Use Multi-factor authentication 

There is no surefire way to keep cybercriminals from attempting to breach an organization's system. However, it is possible to make it harder for attackers to succeed in obtaining sensitive information. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is an easy passive approach for users to secure their crypto wallets. 

MFA adds an extra layer of protection on top of passwords for both an organization and an employee. So, a password will not be enough even if a user falls victim to a phishing scam. 

Avoid fraudulent emails 

Remember, if something looks too good, it probably is. Over 270,000 Ledger wallet users had their emails extracted in 2020. Phishing attacks, like the breach against Ledger users, promise free wallets that are secretly compromised. 

Messages that are urgent or prompt a speedy response may also be phishing scams. Other phishing messages may state that if a user does not act now, their account with whatever legitimate organization the attackers are impersonating will be suspended. 

Most reliable companies will offer ample time for customers to get their affairs in order. However, it is best to ignore such messages as this is a favorite method for cybercriminals. When in doubt, contact the source directly to clarify the matter instead of interacting with the potentially fraudulent message. 

Also, users should scrutinize emails with a sharp eye — especially ones with such grand requests and promises. Keeping an eye on the email's domain and checking for spelling mistakes could be the telltale signs a user needs to identify the phishing scam. 

Keep the private keys secure 

Users must keep their private keys, the line of letters and numbers used to access their cryptocurrency that resembles a password, private. 

A user's private key is something that they should never disclose. 

Use an email filter 

To protect against spam messages, users and organizations can use a spam filter that can effectively assess the message's origin and the software used to send the message. In addition, a spam filter may determine whether a message is spam or not based on its appearance. 

Email filters are the first line of defense against phishing scams of all sorts and will actively scan any emails going through a user's server for spam, malware, and malicious attachments and links. 

Prepare! Prepare! Prepare! 

The success of phishing attacks hangs on the preparedness and education of the target. Security awareness training on how phishing scams work can go a long way in keeping a company's and a user's crypto safe. 

Contact: [email protected]

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Gokhshtein Media is Proud to Announce a Signed Media Partnership With BTC Inc. / Bitcoin 2023 Conference to Promote Events

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Sun West’s CEO, Pavan Agarwal Set to Present at Stanford University’s – the Science of Blockchain Conference 2022

Sun West’s CEO, Pavan Agarwal Set to Present at Stanford University’s – the Science...

LOS ANGELES - August 30, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

Sun West Mortgage Company, Inc. (www.swmc.com) CEO Pavan Agarwal is set to attend and speak at this year's The Science of Blockchain Conference 2022 (SBC '22). Co-organized by the Stanford Center for Blockchain Research (CBR) and IC3, the conference will be held at Stanford University, Aug. 29-31, 2022. 

Since their founding in 1980, Sun West Mortgage Company, Inc. ("Sun West"), a national leader in Mortgage Originations and Serving, has been committed to core values of people, experience, technology, and product. Now, after years of development, Sun West has recently launched the newest iteration of their proprietary AI platform, MORGAN™, which is redefining blockchain technology, banking tech and the mortgage industry. 

Powered by Sun West's sister technology company Celligence (www.celligence.com) and the mass adoption and introduction of blockchain innovation, MORGAN™ reverses what we know of the traditional home buying processes. Sun West's novel application of open ledger technology is ground-breaking and truly advances how real estate sales are transacted and completed.

Pavan Agarwal, founder and CEO of Sun West & Celligence, will attend this year's SBC'22 conference and take to the stage to detail just how Sun West's MORGAN™ employs blockchain technology to convert mortgages into NFTs, thereby removing traditional home buying hurdles, especially for underserved communities.

Marking how the company's latest advanced technology loan product seeks to reach independent, truthful lending and larger equality in the real estate market with built-in blockchain technology, Agarwal will showcase how MORGAN™ is truly one-of-its-kind, and nothing like you've seen before - you will not want to miss it! 

Now in its fifth year, The Science of Blockchain Conference focuses on technical innovations in the blockchain ecosystem and brings together researchers and practitioners working in the space. The event will showcase the application of cryptography, decentralized protocols, formal methods and empirical analysis to improve the security and scalability of blockchain deployments.  

The conference hosts affiliated workshops related to cryptography, distributed systems and secure computing by fostering collaboration among practitioners and researchers working on blockchain technology. It welcomes the very best in the world of blockchain and crypto space to be program speakers. The full speaker program can be found here.

Mr Agarwal explained "The Framers of the US Constitution understood that land ownership is the path to true political and economic freedom. Although much work is still to be done to achieve universal fair housing & lending, the American system has intentionally distributed property ownership across a broad section of the population. My implementation of the blockchain in Morgan™ is a decentralized platform that increases the accessibility, agility, and transparency of trading real estate amongst Americans and strengthens our Republic. Real estate ownership is deliberately distributed, and I have created Morgan™ so that control of property rights can never fall into the hands of the few."

The conference is free to attend in-person and remotely via live-stream. For full event information visit https://cbr.stanford.edu/sbc22.

About Sun West Mortgage Company (NMLS ID 3277) -
Visit www.swmc.com/tru-terms for TRU Approval® terms and conditions. For licensing information, go to: www.nmlsconsumeraccess.org. Visit http://www.swmc.com/disclaimer for the full list of license information. Please refer to https://www.swmc.com/TXdis to view Texas Complaint Notice and Servicing Disclosure. In all jurisdictions, the principal (main) licensed location of Sun West Mortgage Company, Inc. is 6131 Orangethorpe Avenue, Suite 500, Buena Park, CA 90620, Phone: (800) 453-7884.

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BankLine and B4U Bring Crypto to Cannabis

BankLine and B4U Bring Crypto to Cannabis

BankLine & B4U Bring Crypto Payments To Cannabis BankLine and B4U Financial have aligned to provide Cannabis-Related Businesses with an integrated Point of Sale (POS) solution for retail digital...
Lumiii Wins the 2022 World Edtech Startup Challenge Ahead of LumiiiToken IDO

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TORONTO - August 30, 2022 - (Newswire.com) Secret Pirates Entertai...
Bitcasino to Use Estonian ESTCube-2 Satellite to Send Bitcoin Into Space

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Bitcasino will use the Estonian satellite organization ESTCube-2 to send one Bitcoin into Space in 2023 TALLINN, Estonia ...
VINU Network Accelerates NFT Business With COINUP

VINU Network Accelerates NFT Business With COINUP

VINU Network's strategic partner COINUP Co., Ltd. officially enters Mongolia. Business expansion using VINU Network's NFT technology.

VINU Network Accelerates NFT Business With COINUP
COINUP Mongolia Store

A view of Laundry Zone's 5th store-front

SINGAPORE - August 19, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

Laundry Zone, a self-service laundry brand operating under COINUP, a strategic partner of VINU Network, opened 7 new stores in a row in Mongolia, officially setting its foot down in the Mongolian market.

COINUP initially launched the first and second stores of Laundry Zone in Mongolia back in 2019, but suffered difficulties regarding further expansion in Mongolia for two years due to logistics issues resulting from the Covid 19 pandemic. As restrictions loosened however, COINUP announced that it has opened up to 9 stores since January of this year. Furthermore, it plans to open the 15th store within this year, and is aiming for over a 100 stores in the capital Ulaanbaatar alone and 70 more around other regions by the year 2025.

Moreover, COINUP has been heavily active and involved in the global expansion of offline stores as well as the starting and running of online stores within the Metaverse. It is discussing the application of NFT technology with VINU Network, having the shared goal of creating a business where anyone in the world can own and manage stores transparently and easily.

VINU Network, an Ethereum-based real economy Metaverse linked to stores in the real world, is cultivating strategic alliances with global partners, starting with Alliance Laundry Systems, a global laundry equipment company and a partner of COINUP, and is in the talks with GS25, another partner of COINUP's, in order to continuously expand the platform and its online/offline stores and increase the utility for users.

What is COINUP?
'COINUP' is a global company with over 30 years of experience in operating unmanned stores, with a great focus on unmanned franchise businesses. It specializes in fusing IOT, AI systems, and 5th generation kiosks into its services, and although it has its own equipment brands, it also sells commercial laundry equipment from LG and SAMSUNG Electronics. In addition, it is the official Korean distributor of 'Speed Queen', the top brand under 'Alliance Laundry Systems', which is the world's leading laundry equipment company holding more than 40% of the global market. Find out more about COINUP: http://www.coinup.or.kr 

Currently, VINU Network is preparing to be listed on the global market. 
More information on VINU Network is available in its whitepaper.

Connect with VINU Network through the following links:
VINU Networks Socials : Telegram | Twitter | Medium

Media Contact : Deena | [email protected]

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Planet Mojo Metaverse Begins Private Playtests for Launch Title Mojo Melee

Planet Mojo Metaverse Begins Private Playtests for Launch Title Mojo Melee

Players will battle in multiplayer pre-alpha testing of the autochess title's PvP gameplay.

BOSTON - August 17, 2022 - (Newswire.com)

Planet Mojo, the hotly anticipated Web3 gaming metaverse developed by Mystic Moose, will kick off pre-alpha playtests for their first title, Mojo Melee. Early supporters will be able to participate in scheduled live playtests throughout the rest of August. Mojo Melee is Planet Mojo's first game in its mythical metaverse, in which players control teams consisting of magical creatures called Mojos and a range of Champions with diverse abilities to go head-to-head in a new autochess title, a type of chess-like strategy game.

  • Initial Mojo Melee playtests will be open to Planet Mojo NFT holders.
  • Feedback from the playtests will help Planet Mojo's developers refine all facets of Mojo Melee's player experience.
  • A Premint campaign begins today for a free "VIP Playtest Pass" NFT that will grant additional gamers access to playtests in September.

The pre-alpha playtests for Mojo Melee will be organized in an 8-player, PvP format and introduce the game's core mechanics. Playtesters will be able to select from pre-configured teams that each include a Mojo, 4 Champions, and 2 SpellStones that enable Mojos to channel offensive or defensive magical abilities.

Two to three sessions per week will be organized for Mojo Melee's pre-alpha playtesters pitting players head-to-head in fast-paced matches. Each session will last for 45 to 60 minutes and involve multiple matches. The pre-alpha playtesting will be conducted in Mojo Melee's WebGL build, meaning it will only be available through web browsers, on desktops. Mobile and downloadable versions are in the works.

Planet Mojo is recruiting a cohort of playtesters from existing Mojo NFT holders. In addition, a Premint campaign to distribute "VIP Playtest Pass" NFTs is launching today. Passholders will be able to participate in live playtest sessions in the upcoming weeks.

"We are incredibly excited to let our community be the first to playtest our pre-alpha build of Mojo Melee. The autochess genre has been gaining traction over the past three years, and we're pushing the envelope by introducing fresh concepts in the Web3 context. As a project that is always open to hearing from our supporters, we can't wait to receive feedback from our players so that Mojo Melee can be fine-tuned for the best possible experience," said Mike Levine, CEO and Founder of Mystic Moose.

Planet Mojo has quickly gained traction to become one of the top followed Web3 games. A range of organic campaigns have attracted a diverse and active audience that includes 88,700+ Twitter followers and a community of 69,500+ Discord members.

Additional details about Mojo Melee's playtests will be released on Planet Mojo's Twitter, Discord, and Telegram.

About Planet Mojo

Planet Mojo is a Web3 gaming metaverse being built by Mystic Moose. Set on a rich, mysterious alien world, players will compete using their NFT-based customized teams in a suite of player-versus-player (PvP), play-and-earn games and esports tournaments, including a debut autochess title. Visit www.planetmojo.io to find out more.

About Mystic Moose

Mystic Moose is a decentralized independent development studio comprised of game industry veterans from LucasArts, EA, Activision, and HappyGiant. The company is backed by industry leaders, including Animoca Brands, Courtside Ventures, Republic, Sfermion, and Alameda. Mystic Moose is headquartered in moose-filled Conway, MA.

Join the Planet Mojo Community

Twitter: twitter.com/WeArePlanetMojo
Discord: discord.gg/PlanetMojo
Telegram: t.me/planetmojochat
Medium: medium.com/planet-mojo-blog
YouTube: bit.ly/mojo_youtube

Media Contact: [email protected]

Media Kit: Images & Branding

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